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Criminals of African descent attack businessman

By: V4 Agency

The former politician turned wealthy businessman and his wife were brutally attacked, tied up and beaten in their home by four burglars of African descent. Ironically, the victim had previously argued that there was no link between growing migration and deteriorating public security.

French tycoon Bernard Tapie and his wife were attacked while asleep in their home during a night-time burglary. Four men dressed in black hoodies broke into their house through a back window, tied the couple up and beat them. Mr Tapie, who is fighting cancer, received a blow to the head, but he refused medical treatment. His wife, however, was taken to hospital.


BFMTV reports that the burglars stole two watches, some bracelets and a ring from the house in Combs-la-Ville, south of Paris. The businessman’s son said the burlgars must have been fully aware of whose house they entered. 78-year-old Bernard Tapie is a successful businessman, politician and a former minister. His son said the attackers had tried and failed to find the safe in the house.


According to Valeurs actuelles, which cited police sources, the four assailants were of African descent. Ironically, Mr Tapie had previously accused right-wing politician Marine Le Pen of spreading lies when she pointed to the link between France’s deteriorating public security and the increase in migration.

Former National Rally politician Jean Messiha also took to Twitter to wish the businessman a speedy recovery, adding, however, that Bernard Tapie has now had first-hand experience of reality.


In an interview, Stephane Tapie, the son of Bernard Tapie, responded to Jean Messiha’s tweet, describing his remark as shameful. Stephane Tapie noted that the attack had nothing to do with migration, and that Mr Messiha was conflating things.


As Jean Messiha’s post drew strong reactions, he stressed that he fully empathised with the attacked Tapie’s, adding that he believes that millions of French people who fell victim to criminal migrants deserve the same compassion.


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