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Commission wants more migrants in Europe

By: V4 Agency

The Swedish commissioner has urged the admission of migrants, arguing that they will be Europe’s future workforce. Yet, Sweden is one of the best examples illustrating that a great proportion of migrants have failed to find jobs and instead, they live off social benefits.

We need to talk about migration in a realistic way, the home affairs commissioner has said, apparently using her own interpretation for what is and is not “realistic”. Ylva Johansson acknowledges that Europe already has plenty of migrants, but she thinks the continent needs them and will need even more in the coming years because of Europe’s aging societies and the fact that the working-age population is in decline.

By taking in as many migrants as possible, the European Commission clearly intends to implement George Soros’s plan. This position is now personally represented by Ylva Johansson, a politician with a communist past, who already stated last year – before being elected as commissioner – that she would coerce member states into solidarity when it comes to the distribution of migrants.

Although the Swedish commissioner argues that the continent needs more migrants because they are Europe’s future labour force, Sweden is the best example of how misguided this approach is. During the 2015 migration crisis the Scandinavian country admitted an extremely high number of migrants, around 163 thousand, and is witnessing a steady influx ever since. According to official statistics, the country has taken in more than 260 thousand migrants since 2015.

However, Statistics Sweden (SCB) has indicated that it has no exact figures on the country’s population because its surveys only register tax-paying citizens, leaving illegal immigrants unaccounted for.

Many immigrants have received residence permits but, according to a survey carried out in 2019, 90 per cent of these permit-holders have failed to find a job on the labour market.

They make a living by receiving state funds for their studies or claiming social benefits from the municipalities, which pushing local governments to the brink of bankruptcy. The fact that so few immigrants have been able to enter the labour market is mainly due to the fact that many of them have received very little, or no education at all.

Sweden’s economy and job market have exhibited a number of warning sings as early as January, even before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report by Handelsbanken, unemployment is on a steady rise compared to the EU average and there’s a palpable, big gap between immigrants and Swedish citizens. Data relating to 2018 suggests that the rate of unemployment among Swedes was 3.6 per cent, while it was a whopping 19.9 per cent among migrants.


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