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A ten-year-old girl was lured to Dragonja river by supporters of illegal immigration

By: Ivan Šokić / Nova24tv

The body of a 10-year-old illegal migrant was pulled out of Dragonja on Saturday, December 11th, 2021. She was not pushed into a rising river by Europe, closed borders, or opponents of immigration. She was dragged into the raging water by her own mother, a 47-year-old Turkish national who played for all or nothing. Two sons, 18 and 5 years old, were already waiting on the Slovenian side on Thursday, when a Turkish family of illegals set out to cross the river that separates Slovenia and Croatia. They were followed by their mother, who carried the 10-year-old on her shoulders until she fell into the water and the little girl was carried away by the water. Another 13-year-old was waiting on the Croatian side of Dragonja river. The death of a 10-year-old illegal has become a lightning rod for attacks on opponents of migrant immigration. The deputy editor-in-chief of N1 Slovenia, Suzana Lovec, even blamed Europe and Slovenia for the death of the 10-year-old, who drowned because her mother dragged her from Turkey to Slovenia.

“Ten-year-old girls make braids, pet their neighbour’s cats, giggle with friends and play football. They have favourite subjects at school, learn foreign languages, fight with their siblings. And on December evenings, they have a hard time falling asleep because they are thinking about whether they will be able to look forward to the new year. Today, a ten-year-old girl was pulled dead from the cold Dragonja river,” said Suzana Lovec, editor of the Poglobljeno section and deputy editor-in-chief of N1 Slovenia, in her column on N1.

Lovec, like all other advocates of migrant immigration, presents this as a tragedy that could have been avoided. “She drowned on Thursday as she and her family wanted to cross the border, wanting a better life. She died on our doorstep, like so many refugees. As on our doorstep, in the Dragonja valley, a 31-year-old man froze a few days ago. And as the people before them died in the Kolpa river.”

How many people have died at the Hungarian border since the beginning of the migrant crisis?

Lovec is right. All these deaths might not have happened. All that was needed was a determined and uncompromising approach to stopping migrants from the very beginning. How many people have died at the Hungarian border since the beginning of the migrant crisis in 2015? Not one. And the influx there was much worse than the constant dripping on the Slovenian border. When the migrants saw they cannot go through Hungary, they turned elsewhere. Where it is easier to get through. And even if you must cross a rising river.

“Ten-year-old girls make braids and wake up late from their warm duvets on the weekends. Ten-year-old girls should not be scared, too cold and crying, dying in the river, drowned in the cruelty of our migration policy,” Lovec emphasised. It is true. Parents should not drag 10-year-old girls across half of Europe in search of nebulae sold to them by proponents of immigration to Europe. This is not the first such death of illegal children on their way to Europe for a “better life”. Nor will it be last. Because, after all, immigration advocates are much more inclined to talk about how tragic the death of a child is than to approach this issue in any serious and effective way.

“This death is on your shoulders, Europe, which, with your intimidating migration policy, wants exactly that. That people you do not have for your own stay at your door. Even if they are dead,” Lovec wrote. What nonsense! All these child deaths could have been prevented. They could have stayed at home instead of being dragged from Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, or Libya to Dragonja, Lesbos or Sicily. This death is on the shoulders of people like Lovec, and her outbursts are a witness to the fact that somewhere deep inside she is also aware of this, which makes her conscience restless. But she would now like to blame others for her sins.

Proponents of migration and her own mother are responsible for the girl’s death

“This death is on your shoulders, Slovenia,” Lovec continued. It is not true. This death is on the shoulders of a 47-year-old illegal migrant from Turkey who decided to send her four children into the river in the middle of the night. This death is on the shoulders of all proponents of illegal migration and apologists of their actions, who sell them tales about the justification of disregarding any rules and order in the name of “seeking a better life.”

The culmination of nonsense, however, is when Lovec concludes: “No one claims that migration policies are an easy thing. That the questions are not complex and do not require complex answers. They do. But it is clear that the only wrong answer to migration is human rights violations.” The rising river does not care about human rights. Neither Europe nor Slovenia and opponents of (illegal) immigration have thrown a 10-year-old illegal immigrant into the river to drown. However, her mother was lured into the river by supporters of (illegal) immigration, who sometimes want to bring as many people as possible to Europe alive and dead, regardless of the price. All in the name of “finding a better life”.

Migration policy is a very simple thing. Difficulties arise in its implementation, as people fall prey to cheap rhetoric about “poor refugees”. They were once called refugees, these days in their blissful ignorance they are labelled deserters. And people fall for these cheap appeals to emotions. The deaths of the 10-year-old illegal immigrant is because of “humanitarians, non-governmental organisations, lawyers, cultural figures and journalists” who are persistently looking for ways and excuses why Europe and Slovenia should accept foreigners into their environment. A group of people who do not care about anything in pursuit of their own interests. Her mother is to blame for the death of the 10-year-old illegal, everyone who helped them on the way to Dragonja is to blame, and everyone who looked away and said “this is not my problem” is to blame. If the family had stayed at home in Turkey, the girl would not have drowned in Dragonja river.


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