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Whistle-Blower Gale Reveals Facts About the Deep State

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By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

“If the Constitutional Arch Coalition was serious in its intentions, it would have compiled a joint list of candidates, so the votes would not be divided up, which was often the criticism that the party Our Future (Naša prihodnost) and I heard. Well, the party Our Future has submitted a joint list of candidates, together with the Good State (Dobra država) party,” Ivan Gale was critical of the divisions among the parties of the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition (the left-wing parties of the current opposition). He also revealed the scheming of the actors of the deep state in the political backstage: “I received a manifesto written on six pages. After a brief glance at it, it became clear to me that this is not Damijan’s style of writing. Damijan told me that the main architects and engineers of the Constitutional Arch Coalition are Gregor Golobič and Drago Kos and that the matter is also supported by Milan Kučan and some other grey eminences. At that time, I had already pressed the red button when it came to this project. These same individuals have been controlling the political background for years and years now.”

The above text was written by the whistle-blower Ivan Gale, and especially the last part also explains the reason for the exclusionist attitude of representatives of the so-called Constitutional Arch Coalition when it comes to the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), New Slovenia party (Nova Slovenija – NSi), and all those who had cooperated with them politically in the past. This is proof of the extraordinary arrogance of the Continuity and its actors.
And in this particular case, we are talking about a first-hand testimony from a man who has come to know the behind the scenes of the left-wing political scene and cannot be accused of not knowing enough and coming up with conspiracy theories involving the godfather from the background, Milan from Murgle, who is really just a harmless old man who is quietly drinking his coffee and does not want to hurt anyone. But the fact is that Milan is addicted to “caffeine”, which is called power. This text also confirms that Gregor Golobič (an advisor in the Drnovšek governments), Drago Kos (brother of Marta Kos from the Freedom Movement – Gibanje Svoboda, the latest “new” left-wing party, and husband of Tjaša Slokar Kos  – head of POP TV, the largest commercial television station in Slovenia) and the last leader of the Communist Party in Slovenia, Milan Kučan, as well as a few other “godfathers”, are the ones who have been pulling the strings in the Slovenian political space this entire time.

Namely, these are the actors from the left-wing political backstage who are sowing division, but above all, they will not let Slovenia breathe and are instead dragging it into some past, lead times. We can safely say that these are one of the main “stoppers” of the development of our country in all possible areas. In his now-deleted post that was published on social networks, Gale stated in the introduction that the status of the Constitutional Arch Coalition was a source of confusion for him from the very beginning. The inability and unwillingness of its members to run on a common list of candidates, however, indicates the member parties’ fragile connection. “This is something that the member parties of the Constitutional Arch Coalition are simply not capable of. It seems to me that Slovenia would have conquered the Russian military sooner than they would have been able to actually cooperate.” As Gale also stated, the List of Marjan Šarec (Lista Marjana Šarca – LMŠ) is the only party he would be willing to connect with, as it has positioned itself quite high, morally speaking, with the punishment of its MP, who admitted that he stole a sandwich.

Gale believes that all members of the Constitutional Arch Coalition do not even know that the left-wing political godfathers are pulling the strings in this game of politics, but the leaders of the left-wing political options are surely well acquainted with the behind-the-scenes events. Gale also believes that this is a game to the detriment of Slovenian citizens, as this is a case of being addicted to power. This is a tried and tested recipe, which has been and could continue to fill up the pockets of individuals for decades to come. At the beginning of the Constitutional Arch Coalition project, Gale told Damijan that he saw the problem in the behind-the-scenes of left-wing politics. He also does not believe that all of the signatories were aware of the circumstances of the Constitutional Arch Coalition project – namely, the fact that Golobič is in the background of all of this, with Kučan’s support. If they had known this, this kind of experiment would have failed because people are “tired of old faces in a new guise. In recent months, it has often seemed to me that some people are devoting more of their time to the fight for a better past instead of fighting for a better future.”

 POP TV (“KOS TV”) and the public opinion polls are trying to prevent the rise of some new political parties
Gale also complained about the corruption that has permeated all pores of social life. He also said that he is not a “puppet of the left-wing networks,” which is what some people have been accusing him of. However, according to Gale, the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, is especially notable for his corrupt practices. He does not agree with the beliefs of many that Janković steals a lot but also does a lot. Gale once again called on everyone to think carefully about who they will vote for in the upcoming parliamentary elections. He believes that more new parties deserve for their voice to be heard, and that not everything is as it seems. “It is quite possible that a new “group suicide” will ambush us all. Also with the help of the largest media empire and the largest commercial television station in our country. Not to mention the public opinion poll agencies… The latter are not even capable of naming our list correctly…” Gale also revealed that he knows way too much about the Left party (Levica) when another Facebook user said that the Left party deserves to be in parliament.

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