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When the MP of the largest ruling party lets the following slip: We accept migrants to replace you…

(Photo: Matic Štojs Lomovšek)

By: Andrej Žitnik / Nova24tv

The demographic problems of Slovenia – ultimately also of the entire developed world – mainly related to low birth rates, cannot be solved overnight, but in the long term they are the biggest problem of both Slovenia and Western civilisation, which is the engine of the entire progress of humanity. The unwritten rule says that as the standard of living rises, couples decide to have fewer children than they used to. They are also aware of this in the Gibanje Svoboda party, despite the fact that they recently abolished the Maribor Demography Office. Except that their answer to the demographic challenge is to import new voters from the left and the Levica party.

Monika Pekošak, Gibanje Svoboda MP, said meaningfully at the session of the National Assembly: “Do you think that Germany is accepting migrants because it is so good? No, it accepts them for the same reason as Slovenia, because it has problems with demography. And if migrants are integrated into life, then they are also taxpayers, and given our demographic picture that in 30 years we will have about 30 percent of elderly people, I wonder who will earn our pensions. I think it is time for a little awareness raising, to start looking a little wider, that we cannot just grow our peppers and tomatoes in our garden.”

Let’s unpack what the MP said. Liberals are aware of the demographic disaster that is upon us. The disaster that led Janša’s government to establish an office for demography, which would take care of the natural increase of the Slovenian population, but the liberals do not want that. New Slovenians are new potential right-wingers. Traditionalists, conservatives, liberal capitalists. According to the doctrine of Moša Pijade, socialists cannot help themselves with such people. They have to produce new poor people and “sell” them the welfare state. Almost no state policy manoeuvre, however, creates a new caste of poor more reliably than failure to control migration.

The disastrous consequences of the German “Wir Schaffen Das” policy

We know from empirically proven historical facts that the complete opening of the borders and the uncontrolled influx of migrants into the country leads to disaster – in 2015, the German government under the leadership of Angela Merkel completely lost control of the borders. They tried to justify the mass migrations of the Syrian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghan, Tunisian, and Algerian masses with only moral (humanitarian) reasons regardless of national interests, only later, when they realised that among the refugees (who were mostly young men) they “imported” a large part of the dangerous ISIS terrorist cell, they changed their rhetoric a bit and began to talk about demographic problems, saying that migrants will fill a hole in Germany’s increasingly deteriorating demographic picture.

A major media-political campaign to cover up the scandal has begun. Every time a migrant brutally attacked European citizens, the news about it barely came to light through the “alternative” media, while there was an ‘omerta’ among the majority media, which even went so far as to hide the origin of the bullies (usually with headlines: “a German resident raped a woman in the park”). What kind of hell Merkel plunged the country into, the public only found out after 1,000 young male migrants began systematically groping and even raping young girls during the Christmas market in one night – 331 sexual assaults and two rapes took place that night alone.

Then, in the years 2015 to 2020, a whole series of terrorist attacks took place, and the attackers were, as a rule, rejected asylum seekers who came to Western countries first via the Balkan route, and then further to Germany, which at that time had an open door for practically everything Middle East and North Africa. Since 2015, German police officers have been reporting that ghettos similar to those in France have been created in German cities, where they do not dare to go. Such ghettos are controlled by young violent Muslim men without jobs, who usually make a living through violence and drug dealing, as well as contract killings. The new migrants succeeded in de-radicalising even the second generation of Turkish Germans, who were previously thought to have been influenced by Turkish secularisation since Ataturk.

They wanted workers, they got people on social support

In the first years of migration, less than 10 percent of migrants found a job, and 5 years later, in 2020, less than half of migrants were employed. These are mainly uneducated people, young men who did not succeed even in their home countries, so they embarked on an adventure across the Mediterranean hoping that the mighty European welfare state would take care of them. They were right – from 2007 to 2019, the last pre-coronavirus year, the number of social transfers for migrants doubled – by 6 billion euros. They wanted workers, they got social bombs. Meanwhile, social transfers for Germans fell by almost 8 billion euros in the same period. At least 65 percent of Syrian refugees and 43 percent of Afghan refugees were dependent on social assistance in 2021, according to Euractiv. This means that more than half of the newcomers did not pay into the pension fund, but mainly took from it. But appetites for new “workers” are not abating – Scholz’s government has announced that German industry needs 400,000 new migrant workers every year.

Liberals especially want Muslims waiting at the Croatian border, they are less enthusiastic about Ukrainians

Slovenia is currently at the same point as Germany in 2015 – when we are tearing down fences and welcoming young Algerians, Tunisians, Pakistanis and Indians to Slovenia, and Minister Bobnar and the ruling liberal party are primarily referring to a moral note. The minister, in the manner of some far-left activist, said that every migrant just wants a warm home, and thereby stirred up the public. Of course, our government talks extremely little about highly skilled migrants from Ukraine, who are also culturally much closer to us than Muslims from the Middle East, Asia Minor and North Africa, whose arrival our socialists eagerly await.

When we talk about the removal of borders, we are mainly talking about the latter. Ukrainian refugees (who are really refugees, unlike Algerians, Indians, Tunisians…) are not waiting in migrant centres in Bosnia and Croatia. The fence is being removed mainly so that the socialists produce a new crop of poor people who have no chance or will to integrate into Slovenian society. For them, Ukrainian refugees are a similar nuisance as if Slovenes were born – they mean too much probability that new right-wingers will be formed who would vote for right-wing parties.

The second phase of the “great change”

The speech of Gibanje Svoboda MP is therefore very significant – it indicates that we have entered the second phase. From a moral note, they are in the phase of Merkelism, where they convince voters that we need illiterate Algerians and others from countries without war to fill the demographic gap. In the seven years of the “Wir schaffen das” policy, Germany has produced many new social problems that will vote for the left parties, but it still has a chronic labour shortage – 400,000 a year.

Finding new voters

Very few migrants come from countries where people are taught in Islamic madrasas that the sun revolves around the Earth, to Germany and already get a job in a Volkswagen paint shop as a technician on a CMC machine. The cultural, linguistic, and also motivational barriers are so great that the net budget is worse due to social contributions, and the left parties are better off – and indeed, Germany has a left-wing government again after a long time – even one with extreme left-wing elements through the politics of the Greens and the extreme wing of the Social Democrats, which are similar to our Young Forum.

So, understand – Gibanje Svoboda party and other government parties are not looking for new workers. They are looking for new voters. And they would replace you in the image of Ljubljana’s criminal electorate. They want the whole of Slovenia to become Ljubljana through migration.

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