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Watch James O´Keefe´s video exposing an election fraud, which was censored on Twitter (VIDEO)

(Montage: Matic Štojs Lomovšek)

Founder of the Project Veritas James O´Keefe was recently censored on Twitter again, because of a video of a whistleblower attesting to voter irregularities in Pennsylvania. In the video we can see the mishandling of the spoiled ballots in an unlawful manner, by the election workers. Pennsylvania Board of Elections Director Tom Freitag has confirmed this fact.

A Project Veritas journalist found ballots that appeared to be spoiled and discarded against regulations in the garbage bags from the Bucks County Board of Elections. Freitag stated that the ballots were authentic, and blamed the illegal behavior of the election workers on ignorance of some brand new law. The spoiled ballots should have been retained for years and then shredded.

This was not the first case of James O´Keefe being censored on Twitter. Recently his account was locked because of a nine month old tweet, which revealed a Democrat ballot harvesting scheme tied to Rep. Ilhan Omar. His revelations demonstrated how the Somali-dominated areas of Minneapolis are rife with fraud, showing how importing the third world can negatively impact electoral integrity in the U.S.

The video of the irregularities concerning the mentioned ballots from Pennsylvania is for now still available on Facebook.

You can watch it HERE.

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