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(VIDEO) Citizens of Bihać on Migrants: “They Steal Our Wood. They are Attacking Us. They Behave Like We are Living in Their Country”. These Migrants are Coming to Slovenia!

“They behave like we are living in their country, not the other way around” a citizen of Bihać told TV Alfa.

The citizens of Bihać protested peacefully on Saturday evening against the growing violence of illegal migrants. One of the organizers of the protest, Sej Ramić, city councilor and artist, said: “We demand the introduction of a state of emergency. We demand that the cantonal police stop the arrival of new migrants within 48 hours. We demand that, within five days, the Ministry of Interior determines where the migrant center will be. We will not surrender Borići.” Borići is an area of the city where the authorities began to cut trees to make room for the trailers to place the illegal immigrants in.

After these protests, a group of demonstrators blocked a bus station in the city. In order to prevent the disembarking of immigrants, they even stopped and searched a bus, which turned out to be empty. The blockade was removed on Saturday at around 10 pm.

There were new protests on Sunday. The townspeople say that they do not feel safe in their own town. The migrants are breaking into houses, people are unable to fall asleep at night because of migrants rummaging around their courtyards and terraces. The townspeople do not dare to let the children play outside and are afraid to send them to school because of the violent migrants. One high school kid was put a knife to his throat and was robbed – they took his mobile phone and pocket money. The migrants also broke into the local elementary school where young children are. The demonstrators say that if authorities do not quickly resolve the problem with the migrants, there can be serious consequences. Some townspeople say they are considering moving away, but some are saying that it can come to “bloodshed” if the people themselves start taking care of the defense against the violent migrants.

You can watch the video HERE.


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