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[Video] At Friday’s protest, organized groups of people provoked police officers: Among them, the criminal Ličina with dangerous security guards!

At Friday’s protest, small groups of people provoked the police. One such group was a group that included known criminal Anis Ličina and other dangerous individuals. After Friday’s protest, the Slovenian police announced that pyrotechnics and cold steel weapons had also been seized during the guarding of the rally. In addition, there was an attack on a Nova24TV cameraman.

While so far we have all been able to plant flowers together, in the sense that the media wrote about Jaša Jenull as a personally harmless, obscure hero of the protests and that we have so far treated Zlatan Čordić more as a “clown”, now the joke is over. Friday’s protests revealed the criminal background to those protests.

Zlatko’s “clowning” has practical reasons

Thanks also to the correct Aljoša Masten from MMC RTV Slovenia, who confirmed what the mainstream media would almost certainly call “Nova’s Fake news”, the whole of Slovenia was able to recognize the violence, aggression and primitiveness of Zlatan Čordić, whom Masten’s media house invites without hesitation in its shows as an »opinion leader«. We have learned from confidential sources that Zlatko’s behavior is said to be driven by pragmatism – he is said to have a promised job at RTV.

Aljoša Masten @mastenMMC: »Zlatko physically attacked the cameraman, the police intervened. #fridayprotest.«

Anis Ličina, Slovenian underground and protests on 5 November

As you will see below, the popular Zlatko is “worth the news on page 12”, given what was happening at the protests. In several places, smaller groups, on foot, provoked the police. One such group was the group that included Anis Ličina and others.

Who is Anis Ličina? We have already written about him, but the Slovenian public still does not know him well enough, considering what role he has played in the protests against the government so far and what he obviously intends to take on 5 November. In addition to provoking the police, he also called for protests on November 5, when violence on the streets of Ljubljana also supposed to be planned. In the video below, soon after the start, you can see Anis Ličina shouting: »This is our city!« According to a confidential source from the »Parlament Pub«, the man to the left of Ličina is a Slovenian boxer and MMA fighter, Haris Akselić. Alpha and BBS security guards are also said to be there.

Video HERE.

Ličina, of »Sandžaklija origin«, has been known to the Slovenian police for some time, but they first met him when he robbed a petrol station and beat an employee at the pump. He later came into contact with the police as a smuggler of illegal migrants and, as we have already written, as a member of the Slovenian drug cartel. Interestingly, Anis Ličina was caught smuggling and as a member of a cartel (15 people were indicted at the trial), but he is, as you can see, free. Just what could that mean?


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