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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

(VIDEO) Activist and radical leftist Zlatan Čordić, better known as rapper Zlatko, attacked a cameraman from the conservative-oriented Nova24TV and stole his camera! »That’s the way it is with peaceful protesters?« commented Nova24TV editor A. Rant

Zlatan Čordić, also known as rapper Zlatko, attacked the cameraman from Nova24TV and stole his camera, our journalists report from the protest of leftists against the government in Ljubljana.

They also report that police spoke to rapper Zlatko, a well-known provocateur and extreme left-wing activist, to return the camera.

Our journalists report that the cameraman is completely in shock because of the violent rapper. It is obvious that it was a deliberate act, as the mob, which considers itself as protesters, surrounded him, attacked him, and rapper Zlatko stole his camera.

»Well, that’s the way it is with peaceful protesters. Tonight, the protesters clearly and deliberately surrounded the cameraman Nova24TV, and Zlatko Čordić snatched the camera from his hands. They did this to a man who doesn’t create a program, who has nothing to do with programmatic orientation, and who just filmed protests. So much about Janša’s dictatorship and attacks on the media. The only media attacked, even physically, is @Nova24TV, by people whose violence and intolerance are the only threat to democracy in Slovenia!« commented Nova24TV editor Aleksander Rant.

»After the verbal attacks of the leftists on Demokracija and Nova24TV and their incitement, the violence with the physical attack on the cameraman has now obviously materialized.  It is no surprise that he was attacked by Zlatan Čordić, who is a kind of rapper and considers himself an artist. When a man looks at him and listens to what he is saying, he easily recognizes in him a street bully who can hardly wait to cause an incident or attack someone. This time it ended with a stolen camera. I am worried that Zlatko and similar left-wing fanatics will draw their knives next time,« the editor of Demokracija Jože Biščak commented the attack on the Nova24TV cameraman. He added:

»It is interesting that STA was appalled yesterday by the post of Prime Minister Janez Janša on the social network Twitter, which called the state news agency a national disgrace. He wrote this after I was frown upon STA gave more space to the promotion of the new CD by rapper Čordić than to the beginning of the construction of the Cirkovce-Pince power line. Today, this man, promoted not only by the STA but also by national television, attacked the cameraman and ripped off his camera. It is clear that it is a shame not only for the STA, but also for RTV Slovenia to give the known bully and the impatient person media space. I am also interested in how the European Journalists’ Association (EFJ), which attacked Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša today, will react. But, you know what, I don’t expect anything from them. They are just as progressive mob as most of the media mainstream.«

Video HERE.


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