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Valicon survey: 89 percent of respondents say that things are going better or much better in Slovenia

Optimism among Slovenians, regarding the management of the new coronavirus epidemic Covid-19 disease, is on the rise, stemming from data from Valicon’s regular public opinion survey. Thus, 89 percent of respondents believe, that things are going better or even much better in Slovenia. There are no major job concerns detected regarding health concerns.

The optimism, about managing the epidemic, is thus being reinforced. If, according to a survey between April 6th and 8th, 89 percent of respondents thought, that matters were about the spread of the new coronavirus are going for the better or for even better, a week ago, 66 percent of those responded the same and only 56 percent a week earlier. ..

Even when assessing the current situation, optimism still prevails. 58 percent of respondents is saying that the situation is positive and 42 percent that itis negative.

Among the respondents also perceived a predominance of a positive attitude towards government measures. According to a survey between April 6th and 8th, 55 percent of those polled believe, that the current measures to curb the spread of the epidemic are just right, that is up three percentage points from a week ago and about as much more as a week earlier.

In the meantime, with the tightening of some measures, also the proportion of those, who consider the measures are too strict, has also increased. According to the latest measurement, it is 26 percent, which is up eight percentage points from a week ago, compared to just seven percent the same two weeks ago. However, the proportion of those, who think that the measures are too strict, is still falling slightly this week.

The vast majority, however, remain concerned about the spread of the new coronavirus. In the last measurement, a total of 78 percent were still worried or very concerned, which is still six percentage points less than a week ago and seven percentage points less than two weeks ago.

The largest proportion of respondents are concerned about the family and the economy, many of them are also concerned about the longevity of current situation. Much less people are concerned about their own health and their jobs.

For example, only 19 percent of those polled, are worried about their jobs at the moment, which is slightly more than a week ago and 14 days ago, but still relatively few.

In this light, 39 percent said, that the government measures, to cope with the impact of the epidemic on the population and the economy, were appropriate, while another 54 percent said, that they were partly appropriate and some that they were partly inadequate.

When we asked them, how long the emergency situation would last in their estimation, 38 percent said that there is one more month and just as much said, that there are two more months. Three-quarters of those surveyed said, that the emergency situation would end within two months at the latest and another 11 percent said, that it would end within three months.

Valicon conducts research on a regular basis. Between April 6th and 8th, a sample of respondents was 776.


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