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(URGENT) Government introduces restriction of movement at night

At today’s correspondence session, the government adopted a restriction on socialising of more than six people and a ban on movement at night.

The restriction on movement will apply from 9 pm to 6 am, and the restriction will take effect on Tuesday at 9 pm, Interior Minister Aleš Hojs announced at a press conference. The government bans all events, masses, weddings in all regions, including the only orange one.

After midnight, the number of people who can gather together outdoors will be reduced from 10 to 6. According to Interior Minister Hojs, the only exceptions are family members or members of the same household. All gatherings, events, religious rites or masses in the presence of believers, and weddings are prohibited.

A restriction on movement at night will also take effect on Tuesday. Exceptions to this ban are, according to Minister Hoys, the arrival to and departure from work and the elimination of dangers to people, property and life.

The government has also withdrawn the current rule that residents can continue to move from the orange region to the red regions. “From midnight onwards, movement between regions is no longer possible,” Hojs explained today. There will be exceptions, but fewer of them. Exiting the region will only be possible for “work, economic, forestry and similar activities, elimination of imminent danger to life and property, assistance to the elderly, access to health services or pharmacies, for emergencies and the performance of judicial tasks, administrative and other bodies or for the care of people with special needs. “

Accessing properties or facilities – for all members of the household – located in other statistical regions, will be possible. However, it will no longer be possible to cross the border of statistical regions due to tourist reservations, Hojs added, urging citizens to postpone already booked arrangements outside their regions.


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