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Unbelievable: Illegal migrants in Bela krajina dialled the 112 emergency number and applied for asylum! Were they advised to do so by the non-governmental fifth column?

The journalists of Demokracija have received today an unofficial information about a group of around 50 illegal migrants that had arrived in Bela Krajina during the previous day and who dialled the Slovenian police, demanding asylum. This is supposedly part of the new strategy employed by the migrants, as Slovenia is offering favourable conditions to illegal migrants, which can be proven by numerous tenders that are linked to the establishment of migrant centres.

We have immediately verified the above information at the Police Headquarters Novo mesto which issued a statement saying that the police officers from Kočevje, nominally under the authority of the Police Headquarters Ljubljana and who help protecting the state border in Črnomelj area, have indeed arrested seven Afghan citizens, among whom two were minors. The event occurred after 7 pm on the regional road Vinica-Stari trg. It was stated in an e-mail sent to us by Robert Perc of the Novo mesto Police Headquarters, that the migrants have dialled the 112 emergency number and told about their whereabouts in the woods in the Slovenian territory, and the emergency dispatcher has then informed the operative communications centre, who issued the warning to police officesr in the wider region of Črnomelj and Metlika. The police procedures concerning the arrested illegal migrants, are still pending.

We also received the confirmation of the arrest of 48 foreign citizens in the region of Bela Krajina in the last 24 hours, who have illegally crossed Slovenian state border. Besides the aforesaid seven migrants, another 17 were apprehended at the Sečje selo-Sinji Vrh route, 15 migrants were arrested at Balkovci-Preloka road and 9 of them were detained in the vicinity of Damelj community.

The official police communiqué stated that service dog training guides made an arrest of 17 Afghan, Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens at the Sečje selo-Sinji vrh route yesterday morning. They have entered Slovenian territory illegally and were hiding in the woods. Five members of that group were minors. In the afternoon of the same day, police officers from Črnomelj detained yet another group of 15 migrants from Aghanistan, Pakistan and Iran at the Balkovci-Preloka road, with three minor members among them.

Police officers from Kočevje, who help protecting the state border in the area of Črnomelj, have apprehended just after 7 pm the third group of migrants at the regional road Vinica-Stari trg. The group consisted of seven Afghan citizens, two among them were minors. They themsleves called the police and revealed their illegal entry into Slovenia and disclosed their location in the woods by calling the emergency number 112, from whence the dispatcher had informed the operative communications centre, which had then sent police officers on-site.

The report gave further information regarding the arrest of nine Pakistani citizens in a commercial vehicle with Italian license plates. This had happened in the middle of the night in the vicinity of Damelj community during a regular traffic control. The abovesaid migrants have illegally crossed Slovenian state border and there was a minor among that group. Police investigators of the Novo mesto Police headquarters were dispatched to the scene and they arrested the driver. The police procedures concerning the arrested illegal migrants, are still pending.

But that is not all, as some of the illegal migrants in Slovenia are using cars. Namely, at 7 pm, the police officers of Črnomelj have stopped a 27-year old Syrian citizen in the community of Gaber who had been driving a car with German license plates. They found out he did not have the proper driving license and impounded the vehicle. The driver was immediately sent before the judge.

In short, the pressure of illegal migrants on Slovenian southern border is getting bigger and bigger. The non-governmental organisations contributed their part to it, as they give the migrants the detailed instructions on how to apply for asylum with as small an  effort as possible. These NGO’s, or more suitably characterised as the Slovenian fifth column, are well aware of their illegal activities. That is why they themselves no longer inform the police, but explain the migrants what to do and who to call. Obviously not the direct number of the police, but the emergency number 112. Could it be they need the intervention of the fire birgade?


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