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The Son Of The Late SD MP Kontič Was Arrested In Sarajevo On Suspicion Of Cocaine Smuggling

By: Gal Kovač (Nova24tv)

Bosnian and Herzegovinian law enforcement authorities have arrested Mitja Kontič on suspicion of cocaine smuggling. Mitja is the son of the late Bojan Kontič – a long-serving Member of Parliament from the ranks of the Social Democratc (Socialni demokrati – SD) and former Mayor of Velenje. A small amount of cocaine, a gun and 18 thousand euros were seized from Mitja Kontič when he was arrested in Sarajevo. He has also been linked to the smuggling of a larger quantity of cocaine, which was seized at another location. The son of the late politician is well connected with the highest circles of the Social Democrats. He is the former president of the party’s youth wing, the Youth Forum (Mladi Forum) in Saleška Valley. Pictures from social media reveal that he is on particularly good terms with former SD MP Jan Škoberne.

“M. K. was arrested on suspicion of committing an organised crime, and in connection with the crime of drug trafficking, he is linked to 1 kg of the illicit drug cocaine, which was seized in Banja Luka by the Organised and Serious Crimes Directorate during the implementation of the operational action Marketplace,” the Bosnian Ministry of the Interior said.

According to Bosnian media ATV, Bosnian law enforcement authorities had been on Kontič’s trail since the 14th of March, when he entered Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was stopped while driving in East Sarajevo. This was followed by a search of his car, in which a gun, 18 thousand euros and a small amount of cocaine were found. Kontič was subsequently arrested. Bosnian prosecutors have proposed that Kontič be detained because, they explain, he is a foreign national who, if he left Bosnia and Herzegovina, would become inaccessible to law enforcement authorities and would be at risk of repeating or completing a crime while at large, the media outlet Avaz reports.

As mentioned above, what is more incriminating for him is that he is being linked to the smuggling of a much larger quantity of cocaine, namely one kilo of the illicit drug. According to the Ministry of the Interior of Republika Srpska, Kontič is suspected of smuggling a large quantity of narcotics across the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina on several different occasions, including the one kilogram of cocaine that was seized in Banja Luka last month in the “Market” operation.

In addition to Kontič, another Slovenian citizen, Aleksandar Nikolić, an alleged associate of Kontič, was also arrested. He is accused of working with Kontič, allegedly receiving drugs from him on several occasions in the East Sarajevo area and then distributing them. According to ATV, Nikolić is a member of the Bojan Cvijetić criminal group, which is linked to the smuggling of illicit drugs. He has reportedly already been arrested in the past.

“On the basis of an order of a Bosnia and Herzegovina court, searches were carried out in several locations, and a small amount of the illicit drug cocaine, a large amount of money, two guns, a large number of mobile devices, parts of police equipment and two cars used in the implementation of the above-mentioned crimes were found, one of which has a special compartment for the transport of illicit goods,” the Ministry of the Interior of Republika Srpska reported.
The investigation of this case is still ongoing, according to the Bosnia and Herzegovina law enforcement authorities.

A friend of the former MP

Mitja Kontič was still active in the SD party not so long ago. A quick look at his social media profile shows that he attended the Social Democrat party’s meetings in Velenje. He was also photographed with the former Minister of Defence, Andreja Katič. The photos of him that can be found on social media also reveal another, apparently great, friendship. Namely, the one between Kontič and Jan Škoberne. One picture even shows the two of them together with the late MP, state councillor and Mayor of Velenje.

Mitja Kontič is a trained caterer. A few years ago, the media reported on his business ventures when he won the lease of Avtokamp Jezero and the café in front of it in a municipal tender when his father was still the Mayor of the Municipality. This led to accusations of nepotism against the well-known politician and his son. Judging by the photos on social media, he is now also involved in construction.


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