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The Police Have Confirmed The News: An Eritrean Migrant Attacked A Woman In The Centre Of Ljubljana!

By: Ana Horvat / Nova24tv

According to official information, a knife attack happened in the centre of Ljubljana on Tuesday evening. As reported by the National Press Agency, a dark-skinned man stabbed a girl in front of the Parlament pub on Šubičeva Street, who was allegedly his partner. The police have confirmed that the attacker is an Eritrean migrant. The life of the woman who was attacked is in danger.

Footage of Tuesday’s drama quickly spread on social media, showing ambulances and police vehicles arriving at the scene just minutes after the horrific attack. They parked at the intersection between Šubičeva Street, which leads to the building of the National Assembly, and Slovenska Street, which runs parallel to Congress Square.

According to media reports and some unofficial information, the dark-skinned man was the partner of the woman whom he attacked, and after the attack, he allegedly ran away and threw the knife away at the Šumi construction site.

The location of the attack – the Parlament Pub, is a popular gathering place for young people in Ljubljana and is frequented all days of the week.

Police: the attacker is from Eritrea
“Yesterday, on the 15th of November 2022, shortly before 6 p.m., we were informed of a suspected crime against life and body in the centre of Ljubljana. According to the information gathered so far, the suspect seriously injured the victim with a sharp object and then fled the scene on foot. The injured woman was taken by ambulance to the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, and her life is in danger. Several patrols were deployed to the scene, and the subject was arrested and taken into custody shortly after the incident. According to initial information, the suspect is an Eritrean national who has been residing in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia for several years now. A search of the crime scene has been carried out, and police officers are continuing to gather information on all the circumstances. The motive for the crime is unknown; the victim and the perpetrator have known each other for a long time and come from the same social background. The suspect has already been tried for offences involving elements of violence. As the intensive criminal investigation is still ongoing, we cannot give you any further information at this time. The public prosecutor’s office will be informed of any findings.”



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