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The Notorious Tanja Fajon Against Nova24TV! Nervousness on the Rise in Stolen Moscovici Villa!

Article 39 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia guarantees the freedom of thought and expression, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and others. Everyone can freely gather, receive and spread news and opinions.

It is interesting, however, that in Slovenia, some perceive freedom of speech their own way. When something is expressed that is not in accordance with their views and interests, it is simply labeled as fake news, while the journalists who dare to speak up, receive a variety of offensive remarks. Our Nova24TV is attacked by those who fear the truth, precisely because of its reporting on left-wing Deep State bosses, with names and surnames, and the reporting on immigrants and terrorist attacks. Among them is European MP Tanja Fajon, who carried out an attack on Nova24TV via the social network Twitter. She wrote that freedom of speech is a value and should not be misused for political purposes, just as some “journalists in the service of truth” do.

Fajon, considered a great fan of immigrants, Partisan celebrations and of the opponents of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, apparently strongly opposes the existence of Nova24TV and its outspoken reporting. “The politicians hiding behind it are particularly responsible for the spread of lies. Shameful!” wrote Fajon and published a picture of the SDS Party leader, Janez Janša. With this, she is indicating that she cannot stand anyone who takes off their gloves when reporting on her and the SD Party.

Fajon used to be a reporter for the public broadcaster RTV Slovenia from Brussels, while the latter was fiercely advertising for Borut Pahor. She earned her well-paid job as MEP with her activism. It was then that she showed her right allegiance, not an example of independent journalism, nor did she contribute to a more democratic regime. However, she apparently believes to be entitled to deliver her opinions. Last month, Fajon even organized a conference entitled Role of independent public service media for democracy in Europe, in which she highlighted the worrying condition of “public” or state-owned media in Europe.

Fajon believes that the independence of public media and their funding are in jeopardy and that the pressure put on the journalists and their performance is on the rise as well. She particularly singled out the case of Hungary, that is, where the state television is supposedly “fully controlled” by Prime Minister Orban, for whom Fajon cannot hide her hatred. Then she also pointed out “the pressure for the rejection of the annual report” on the Czech Television, the “political cleansing” on the Polish television, and the “increased political pressure” on the Lithuanian television. She also highlighted the pressures that are supposedly happening on the Croatian television. This exposure of specific media is not a coincidence, by all means, since all of these examples are located in countries with right-wing or center-right governments that are opposed to the arrival of an unlimited number of migrants.


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