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The January Pensions Will Be Lower; Pensioners Will Protest On Wednesday!

By: e-Maribor

On Tuesday, pensioners will receive their pensions. But beware, they will be extremely low. This is driving some people to despair. That is why the first pensioners’ protest will be held in Ljubljana on Wednesday.

Ahead of the January pension payments, which will be made on the last day of January, the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia has reminded pensioners that the amounts will be lower again. This is because pensions and disability allowances were 4.5 percent higher in November and December on the basis of the law on emergency measures to increase pensioners’ incomes, but this was not a regular adjustment of pensions, the institute explained.

Many pensioners who will receive their pension payment on the 31st of January will be surprised to see that their pension will be lower than the December payment. However, all those pensioners who do not pay income tax because of the lower pensions will receive the same amount for their pension in January as they did in October.

The guaranteed pension for 40 years of pensionable service, which was increased from 653 euros to 682 euros in November, will be paid to beneficiaries again in January at 653 euros. Pensioners receiving this level of pension will therefore receive around 29 euros less.
“We have had enough of ridiculing and misleading pensioners,” says the people’s initiative, The Voice of Pensioners of Slovenia, which is calling for a revolt. The rally will take place on the 1st of February at 3 p.m. at Republic Square in Ljubljana.


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