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The government is turning a blind eye to the next wave of the pandemic; 1,782 new infections and three deaths

By Andrej Žitnik/Nova24TV

According to Sledilnik programme, which the government wants to quietly abolish because it reports an unpleasant truth, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is increasing day by day. As many as 1,782 new infections were reported on Friday (the weekly average is 1,646).

Three people died on this day, 131 are in hospitals, 16 are in intensive care, of which 13 are on ventilators. It should be emphasised that we are still in the middle of summer, and judging by the numbers, that real autumn wave will be much worse than last year. Apparently, the latest versions of omicron are extremely contagious.

We can expect with concern what will happen in the fall, given that we have a government that came to power with the help of the covid movement. Gibanje Svoboda party means a movement for freedom from any coronavirus security measures, and the government follows this very clearly – NIJZ does not dare to order the wearing of masks in hospitals, but only advises people to carry them with them. Prime Minister Robert Golob proved himself to be a covid idiot when he announced a summer anti-covid “therapy” with sea water and sun. Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loderan said that vaccines are ineffective.

Even RTV Slovenia journalist Marta Raboršek relativised this plague of the 21st century, which has killed so many innocents, and calls it a cold. Obviously, neither the executive nor the media can be trusted anymore.

If you are part of a vulnerable group or have family members who are in this group, you are right to be concerned. How will the government of covid-sceptics, who dream of the deadly Swedish model, lead the preparations for the pandemic? The minister will not urge people to get vaccinated, NIJZ will not dare to advise, let alone order people to wear masks. This is an unconstitutional act under the current constitutional court anyway.

Obviously, citizens will have to take matters into their own hands and be careful. Both before covid idiots and before the government they elected.


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