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The Government Has Raised Excise Duties And Thus Prevented The Citizens From Heating Their Homes And Driving For Less Money

By: Andrej Žitnik (Nova24tv)

The government has intervened in excise duties again recently, in the face of lower prices in the oil market. The government increased the excise duty on heating gas oil, i.e., fuel oil, from 0.116 euros per litre to 0.12190 euros per litre, and the excise duty on gas oil for propulsion, i.e., diesel, from 0.386 euros per litre to 0.40633 euros per litre, the Finance Ministry has announced.

In the cold winter, the government is doing nothing to help its citizens – and pensioners, in particular – get through this period of high bills, the highest cost of which is heating. Instead, the government is raising excise duties in the face of falling fuel prices on world markets, thus making it seem as if the prices are lower now.

Starting on midnight of the 1st of March, a litre of 95-octane petrol will cost 1.359 euros off the motorway network, which is 0.4 cents more than in the previous 14 days. Meanwhile, the regulated price of a litre of diesel will remain unchanged at 1.489 euros for the next fortnight, following the government’s excise duty intervention. Fuel oil will become slightly cheaper. The price of a litre of heating oil will therefore be 1.078 euros.

The new regulated prices will apply until the 13th of March.


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