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Monday, February 26, 2024

The Funding For The 8th Of March Institute Gains New Dimensions

By: Domen Mezeg (Nova24tv)

Apparently, we will slowly find out who all the generous foreign benefactors of the 8th of March Institute (Inštitut 8. marec) are. If in the past we talked about the Obama Foundation, this time we are revealing the Guerilla Foundation, which has donated 544,500 euros in 2021 to various “guerrilla” organisations across Europe and the US. Slovenia was, surprisingly, one of its biggest recipients. A total of 48.5 thousand euros was earmarked for Slovenia: the 8th of March Institute received 30 thousand euros, and 18.5 thousand euros went to the “self-directed initiative” – the Rog Embassy (Ambasada Rog). This is support for neo-leftist and anarchist entities, among other things, for the creation of a “culturally enriched” society. What is particularly interesting is the fact that Slovenia has received a lot more money than many other larger countries!

The truth is slowly coming to light. For a long time, we have been wondering where the 8th of March Institute gets the financial means to finance all of their Facebook and other campaigns (Just Love – Samo ljubezen, Me Too, etc.). Today, we are revealing one of the anarchist “lairs” from abroad, from where the financial means are flowing in abundance, including for the creation of a more “culturally enriched”/multicultural society. We are talking about a foundation with a partisan name – the Guerrilla Foundation, which pays a lot of attention to both the Institute in question and the Rog Embassy. These are two entities that the Foundation has been generously”flooding” with money.

In 2021, the Foundation earmarked 30 thousand euros for the Institute and 18.5 thousand euros for the Rog Embassy. It was obviously really important to the organisation to bring down the former government of Janez Janša in Slovenia. Last year, after the parliamentary elections, Nika Kovač proudly admitted that she had helped unseat the “right-wing prime minister.” Both her Institute and the Rog Embassy are, therefore, key left-wing non-governmental organisations for the transformation of Slovenian politics and society in line with certain foreign appetites. This is, therefore, a case of controversial foreign interference in Slovenian domestic politics.

Considering the amount of money that was earmarked for Slovenia in 2021 compared to other European countries and the USA, this interest was indeed huge! The larger and more populated countries received disproportionately less money than the Slovenian NGOs combined: Austria received 15 thousand euros, Sweden received 12 thousand, and the USA only 15 thousand(!), Spain 22.5 thousand, France 30 thousand, the Netherlands 25 thousand, Italy 37.5 thousand, Serbia 23 thousand, Greece 28.5 thousand, Portugal 17.5 thousand, and even the conservative Hungary only received 42 thousand euros. It is now clear where the Institute gets the money to sell “online love” and similar campaigns …


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