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The Energy Guru Is At The Top Of The Slovenian Government, But Our Electricity Prices Are Among The Highest In Europe!

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

Slovenia has one of the highest prices of electricity among European countries, according to the latest figures. And this is happening in a country that is being led by a “world-class energy expert.”

Apparently, miracles do happen. If anyone does not believe it, they should just look at the fantastic achievements of the current government and its President, Robert Golob. Supposedly, the current government consists of just the hard-working “experts,” but the biggest miracle is that the current government is being led by the “energy prodigy” Golob himself, and yet, electricity prices are skyrocketing. We would be better off if he had concentrated more on the domestic situation and less on trying to save European energy in Brussels.

It looks like there will be no winter idyll this year. Golob is a man with a god complex, who loves ambition, grandeur and glamour, and who is completely detached from the little man. He is the true “sun king,” with him, everything revolves around the sun – both the treatment of covid-19 and the generation of electricity. Namely, he has announced the construction of large-scale solar power plants, even though the experts have repeatedly warned that the matter is controversial for several reasons.

We could cover all of Slovenia’s energy needs with a new nuclear power plant, and the retention of thermal power plants. Perhaps, there might even be room for another hydro power plant. The unreliable “solar farms” and “wind farms,” however, might not be up to the task of providing enough electricity for the whole of Slovenia. But giant solar power plants are not the only stunning idea of the “electricity oligarch.” He has also impressed many with his announcement of an energy lockdown. Namely, this lockdown would put part of the economy into hibernation and then restart it in the spring. We cannot help but wonder how many people would lose their jobs if this idea became a reality.

“A great electricity manager as the Prime Minister, but we are paying for some of the most expensive electricity in the European Union”
But Golob is sleeping soundly. Just remember how, when announcing higher taxes, he merely shrugged and said that he did not know what good more money would bring to him, except for the fact that he would spend even more of it on stupid stuff. And taking into account his astronomically high salary at the Gen-I energy company, we believe him (namely, he received 200,692 euros net before the 17th of November 2021). Meanwhile, we were already reporting on the fact that we are among the most expensive in Europe in terms of electricity prices in September. “A great electricity manager as the Prime Minister, but we are paying for some of the most expensive electricity in the European Union. After Slovenian generation of electricity for this year was sold far below cost. By the same super-electricity managers,” the President of the Slovenian Democratic Party, Janez Janša, responded to the news about the high electricity prices.


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