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The Association of Journalists and Publicists informed all European political parties about Alenka Bratušek’s intention to persecute the right-wing media

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

“While monitoring the freedom of the media in Slovenia, I would like to kindly remind you of the statement of the parliamentary opposition party SAB, published on social networks. The president of the party, Alenka Bratušek, announced that she was counting down the days until the elections, as the time would surely come to prosecute the “fake news”. As “fake news” she mentioned the media on the right spectrum of the Slovenian political sphere, namely Nova24TV, Demokracija, Požareport and many others that do not belong to the term “mainstream media”. This is what can be read in the letter of the Association of Journalists and Publicists (ZNP) addressed to all European political parties, including the ALDE European Group of Liberals and Democrats.

The purpose of Alenka Bratušek’s party is namely a first-class attack on democratic standards with the obvious intention of subjugating the Slovenian media space. The international public, European political parties and the ALDE have now been informed of the Bratušek’s plan. They should consider whether the SAB, with its announcements of media breaches, is still appropriate to remain within a group that supports, at least in its programmatic principles, liberal values, and media pluralism.

“It is a kidnapping of democracy, which requires a uniform and immediate condemnation of civil society, professional organisations and all those who sincerely think that the pluralism of the media space contributes to the democracy of Slovenian society. The association is also surprised by the silence of professional organisations and the media, which could mean that they agree with what is happening,” they wrote in the letter.

What is the purpose of the letter?

The Association of Journalists and Publicists has thus strongly condemned any announcement of censorship and pressure on the media, as announced in this case by the SAB party if it becomes part of the executive branch after the elections. “Obviously, part of the media is a disturbing for part of left-wing politics, including the SAB, and should be demonised and intimidated,” they said, adding that they hope that voters would turn their backs on such extreme politicians and the SAB parties will not be elected to the National Assembly.

“The purpose of the letter is to inform the European political ALDE and those responsible for media freedom in the EU about the inappropriate attitude and opposition to media pluralism in Slovenia, which threatens democracy,” the letter said.

They were also reminded of Bratušek’s shameful performance

In the letter, the ZNP reminded the European political parties of who Alenka Bratušek is. From the embarrassing appearance at the hearing for the European Commissioner to the suspicion that her master thesis is plagiarism. “Given the understanding that Bratušek is a controversial politician, we look forward to your understanding and response,” they concluded.


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