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Speculations are over: The leadership of Ukom is being taken over by Primož Cirman’s wife, Petra Bezjak Cirman, head of the RTV union!

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By: Sara Kovač /Nova24TV

Prime Minister Robert Golob nominates Petra Bezjak Cirman, the head of the RTV trade union and the wife of Primož Cirman, a journalist from the Necenzurirano portal to head Ukom. Speculations that Cirman will take over the management of Ukom did not turn out to be completely wrong.

The saga surrounding the leadership of Ukom has reached a complete conclusion by those jokers who announced the appointment of Primož Cirman as the head of the government’s communications office upon the resignation of the current acting head of state, Dragan Barbutovski. He was the only one of the journalists of the Necenzuirano portal who did not receive an annuity or a job in the circles of the Gibanje Svoboda party. Instead, Robert Golob suggested his wife, Petra Bezjak Cirman – a well-known RTV trade unionist, who ensured that the public house remained left-wing and biased.

Prime Minister Golob therefore took care of practically all the journalists of the Necenzurirano portal, who, with media attacks, helped to overthrow the previous Janša’s government and enthrone the left. Vesna Vuković will be the publicist of Gibanje Svoboda party, and Tomaž Modic will help (for money) Mojca Pašek Šetinc with her inquisitorial parliamentary group for the prosecution of the SDS.

Independent journalists are just waiting to be swept up in politics

Above all, the appointment of Bezjak Cirman and others to parliamentary, government and party offices proves once again that the media scene has been served to us by left-wing activists all along. The whole thing is all the more disgusting because they consider themselves to be representatives of independent journalism and professionalism. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who cannot wait to enter the left-wing political scene, and yet they will lie to you until the end that they are defenders of free journalism.

RTVS: Grah Whatmough will shorten Bezjak Cirman’s notice period as much as possible

The general director of Radiotelevision Slovenia (RTVS) Andrej Grah Whatmough will grant the request of the employee representative on the RTVS supervisory board, Petra Bezjak Cirman, and shorten her notice period as much as possible, RTVS announced. In a press release, RTVS thanked Bezjak Cirman, a former RTVS journalist, for her work and wished her success in her new position.

The government will decide on her appointment in the coming days, the Prime Minister’s Office announced yesterday.

Bezjak Cirman will thus succeed Dragan Barbutovski as the head of Ukom, who was appointed to this position by the government at the first session on June 1st and will in the future be employed in the office of the Prime Minister in the field of communication with the international public.

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