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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists: Suppression of media freedom in the manner employed by the current government is one of the most reprehensible acts

By: Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists

I express our outrage at the event that has shocked every reasonable journalist and freedom-loving person committed to the practice of writing and speaking critical words.

To enter premises where media content is created and to investigate, dig, and probe against someone who is not even a suspect is horrifying, unacceptable, beyond reason, and earthly normalcy. Targeting the only media house, its creators, and their most prominent individual with the intent to silence them is reminiscent of the darkest times of both communism and fascism in their most brutal, raw forms.

Media phishing with the aim of silencing and stopping critical thought by the current government is utterly reprehensible, something even the most ruthless services like the Stasi in the former East Germany would not be ashamed of.

Silencing is impossible. Those who seek to silence others are the first who should be removed from public life. Furthermore, halting critical speech is not feasible. Informing the near and far surroundings about this is an unavoidable duty. We support our members and anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation.

There can be no compromise in the fight for the freedom of written and spoken expression!

For the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists: Vančo K. Tegov


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