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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Slovenia to restrict movement of people to municipal limits

Slovenia will impose a ban on exiting one’s municipality of residence in the coming days, Jelko Kacin, the spokesman for the government coronavirus crisis unit, said in a televised statement on Saturday. “We are trying to make it as friendly as possible, so as not to cause problems in the flow of people performing urgent tasks and jobs.”

He also advised Slovenians against flooding tourist spots this weekend. “People are still flooding to the coast from all over. Let’s be considerate to those who live there and help stop the spreading of the virus,” Kacin said, before Infrastructure Minister Jernej Vrtovec made a statement and answered a few questions the government received by email.

Vrtovec said that the measures the government is taking to limit the spread of covid-19 would be lifted once the virus is limited or the country has enough protective equipment to restore public transport, which was suspended on Monday.

He assured the public that electricity supply is without disruptions and that this will remain so in the future. He said that the decision to lower the price of electricity will affect 850,000 households and 90,000 SMEs. Their electricity bills will be some 27% lower, due to reduced price of power and network charges, for the next three months.

Vrtovec also said that cargo corridors have been established and that cargo air transport is going as usual. Moreover, despite the ban of passenger air traffic, flights with Slovenians who have been stranded abroad are able to land.


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