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Slovenia is expecting an outbreak of coronavirus soon

In slovenian hospitals there are testing some people whether they are positive for the coronavirus. There’s no confirmed case yet. Slovenia is a direct neighbor of Italy, where there is the largest outbreak in Europe.

07:00 PM The University Medical Center Maribor announced that the visits to all the departments are forbidden until cancelation. They want to prevent the spread of viral infections.  However, today and for now they denied the suspicion of infection with the coronavirus.

03:00 PM In the University Medical Centre (UKC) Maribor on Monday two people were suspected of infection with the new coronavirus, but both tests were negative.

02:33 The scare caused by the spreading of the novel coronavirus in Europe has grabbed Slovenia as shoppers headed to stores to secure stocks of basic foodstuffs and durable products. Retailers say they are well supplied and ready for a possible additional increase in demand.

01:20 PM When the new coronavirus occurred, in NIJZ prepared the instructions and all the necessary forms for the health care professionals, and the epidemiologists. They will adjust the instructions as the events will develop, and publish them on the website of the institute. The protocols also include specifics for each hospital and health centre.

11:00 AM Public institutions in Slovenia have started taking precautionary measures to protect staff against coronavirus infections after first cases of the virus were confirmed in neighbouring Italy, Austria and Croatia.

10:00 AM Health authorities are saying that the virus in Slovenia will surely appear (because of the close proximity to Italy), the question is just when and where.

07:00 AM In Slovenia, the hospitals tested several cases of suspicion on infection with a coronavirus. For the moment there is no confirmed case.


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