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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

(SLOVENIA & CORONAVIRUS) 13 tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday, four died

Four people died of Covid-19 in Slovenia on Friday, bringing the total tally of deaths 70. 1,250 tests were performed and 13 people tested positive, for a total of 1,317.

93 Covid-patients were in hospital on Friday, 27 in intensive care, while eight were released into home crae, the government tweeted.

A total of 40,580 tests have so far been performed in Slovenia and a total of 190 coronavirus patients have been discharged from hospitals.

According to the website sledilnik.org, the 13 new Covid-19 patients included four health care workers, four retirement home employees and four retirement home residents.

Three residents tested positive in Ljutomer, one of the worst-hit homes, yesterday, alongside one employee.

Among the 1,317 who have tested positive so far, 155 are health care workers, 121 retirement home employees and 280 residents.

The biggest number of positive cases has been detected in central Slovenia (390), followed by the Savinjska region (283) and Pomurje (146). On Friday, 39 people were hospitalised at the Ljubljana UKC hospital and 29 at the Maribor UKC hospital, 20 in Celje and six at the Golnik hospital.



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