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(REACTIONS) Recognition of Palestine: “There is either a lot of money involved, or someone knows something very ugly about someone else.”

Urška Klakočar Zupančič (Photo: Zajem zaslona)

By: Moja Dolenjska

The National Assembly last night supported the decision to recognise the independence and sovereignty of the State of Palestine with 52 votes from the MPs of the ruling coalition. 39 MPs from Svoboda (out of 40), all 7 from the SD, and all 5 from the Levica paty, as well as the so-called dissident Mojca Pašek Šetinc from Svoboda, voted in favour.

The SDS and NSi MPs stonewalled the session and the vote, as did the Hungarian and Italian minority MPs.

The National Assembly, led by Urška Klakočar Zupančič, violated procedures to recognise Palestine. For comparison, the Swiss parliament just yesterday rejected the recognition of Palestine.

Below, we publish some reactions:

Janez Janša: We offered the government a 30-day period through a consultative referendum for things to cool down, to see if anything would come of this peace plan supported by the country with the most realistic influence on this situation, and then, as France decided, to recognise Palestine at the most appropriate moment. Today is not that moment.

In the history of Slovenian parliamentarism, such a procedural manipulation has never happened before. This will be void!

Dr Miro Haček (FDV): There were ten KUL proposals for consultative referendums between 2020 and 2022, with the most recent one being on May 13th, 2024, by NSi, just three weeks ago… and in all cases, the third paragraph of Article 184 of the Rules of Procedure was respected. Today, however, the parliamentary majority has suddenly reinterpreted the Rules after 17 years.

With procedural violations in the adoption of the law recognising Palestine, Golob’s coalition is leading Slovenia into a period where the rule of law no longer exists.

Svoboda (blog): Today we witnessed one of the biggest political-legal scandals in the 33 years of the country’s history. A precedent has been set, and it will have consequences. It is hard to believe they would allow this just for an election campaign or ideology.

There is either a lot of money involved, or someone knows something very ugly about someone else.

Where are all those advocating for “protection of democracy”, the guardians of the rule of law, the former constitutional judges, and the heads of legal faculty departments now… when an overreaching former district judge is dismantling the constitutional order? Nothing? Crickets? Let’s see the reactions now. Hic Rhodus, hic salta.

Tomaž Štih: The parliament has evidently split into a minority that respects the legal order and a majority for whom the legal order is an obstacle on the path to a socialist dictatorship.

Monika Gregorčič: They are undermining the legal order of our state for the sake of Palestine. The legal order of our own state, which represents the realisation of a historical aspiration for independence and sovereignty. For Palestine. Remember that!

Edvard Kadič: It is for the sake of elections and self-interest, not for Palestine.

Jelka Godec: They have dismantled the legal order in the name of freedom. They have dismantled the legal order for the sake of elections. Meanwhile, they exploited the immense suffering of people in the Israel-Gaza region.

Tjaša Jesenek: This government has been undermining the legal order all along. With disdain evident on the faces of both Prime Minister Robert Golob and Urška Klakočar Zupančič. They just do not know that the harvest of what they have sown will come. They have been very diligent in this – direction.

Nejc Brence: Some of us have been to the West Bank and know how people live there. Questions for the government coalition:

  1. What do the Arabs in the video get from your recognition? (https://x.com/i)
  2. Was it worth trampling the rule of law for pre-election promotion on the backs of people ruled by terrorists?

Today, they recognised Hamas at all costs. They even bypassed the legislation. They will euthanise you at any cost if they decide to!

Peter Jančič: I have never seen anything as disgraceful as this vilification of the ruling parties against opposition MPs who are not in the National Assembly to defend themselves, coupled with grandiose self-praise and radicalism in international politics.

Vinko Vasle: Stalin, Hitler, and Tito would not be ashamed of this. *Long live the ruling fascism!

Nataša Pirc Musar: I am pleased that the Republic of Slovenia has recognised Palestine as an independent state and can thus even more credibly assist the Palestinian people on their difficult path to true independence and equality in the international community.

Dominik Štrakl: In Slovenia, we have a president who is a lawyer and is indifferent to the disregard for the rule of law. The left-wing political side recognised the terrorist organisation Hamas by abusing procedures in an illegal manner. Slovenia has a president who apparently applauds this. Quo vadis, Slovenia?

Dr Miha Pogačnik: Arbitration is void, and the recognition of “Palestine” will be void. Some Slovenian governments are doing well in international relations. Maybe they should consult serious lawyers beforehand, not “the rule of law”.

Follower: Although we are close to the collapse of democracy in Slovenia, Janez is calm, prudent, and I believe he will act in the best way for Slovenia and us Slovenes.

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