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Pop TV is creating an illusion that the extremist Brglez is centrist!

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By: Andrej Žitnik / Nova24TV.si

Although we already knew why the uncles sent Miha Kordiš to fight for the presidency, on the show 24ur zvečer, where Uroš Slak interviewed Kordiš and Milan Brglez, we got the final confirmation – not only in the answers of the two extremists, but also in the questions of the journalist. There is no longer any doubt – Kordiš was put into the game as part of an agreement with Levica party to “normalise” the far-left ideologue Milan Brglez as an acceptable candidate in the centre and thereby steal the second round from Nataša Pirc Musar or Anže Logar.

Host Uroš Slak reminded Miha Kordiš and the viewers of his statement on Facebook when he said: “Look, Boscarol and Akrapovič are spreading falsehoods about our demands for profit taxation and – more importantly – threatening a capital strike… Solution? #Nationalise!”

Even though Kordiš said that he never wanted nationalisation, his apology was labelled as “cautious” on the ideological “fact checker 24ur”, unimaginatively named Factmeter. They pointed out that it is clear from Kordiš’s announcement that he ‘promoted’ the nationalisation of companies owned by Igor Akrapovič and Ivo Boscarol (former owner of Pipistrel). Kordiš has repeatedly come into conflict with entrepreneurs. He recently commented publicly again on Boscarol when the latter sold his company Pipistrel to the American aerospace company Textron. Kordiš wrote on Facebook: “Cooperative takeover and worker management of companies – now!”

The foundation of the 24ur tactic was set to turn Kordiš and his ideological companion Brglez into a “good” and “bad” cop.

Normalisation of Brglez

Presidential candidate Milan Brglez had the opportunity to say that a military neutral stance, i.e., that Slovenia would not be a member of NATO and would provide defence on its own, would be much more expensive for us. We would have to invest a lot of money, which is of course a completely mainstream opinion, which, together with the posed question, was intended to make Brglez appear less extremist than the clearly anti-NATO Kordiš. 24ur helped him reach even further into the middle and labelled his statement as “cautious” (which means that it is somewhere between truth and falsehood), namely with the stupid comparison that Austria and Switzerland spend even less on defence – even though the comparison with traditionally politically neutral countries is completely crazy and intolerable, and in light of Russia’s latest aggression against Ukraine, it is literally an insult to the intellect. So, they suggest on 24ur that Brglez is mainstream, as his opinions are even more moderate than the journalists on Pop TV!

Character creation and work

The creation of the character and work of “political scientist Milan Brglez, who started his career at the Faculty of Social Sciences, where he was employed for more than 20 years”, continued. First as a researcher, assistant, docent and then head of the Department of International Relations. He was the vice president of the Red Cross of Slovenia. As a member of a group of lawyers, he advised the Slovenian government on the preparation of a memorandum for arbitration on the border with Croatia. They briefly explained his political career and emphasised that the Chess Federation of Slovenia denies allegations of violations while he was president.

Also, the fact that they quoted the former president of the SMC, Miro Cerar, who accompanied his candidacy by saying that “I personally do not want someone with the kind of character that Mr. Brglez has as president of the republic,” is bringing grist to Brglez’s mill, because Cerar is one of the few people who is hated on both the left and the right.

Kordiš is a useful idiot

While they let Kordiš remain Kordiš – that is, a rebellious 16-year-old who never grew up, who thinks that money is created in the printing presses of the people’s money-printing plant but is not distributed enough by the capitalists because they are swallowed up – they allowed Brglez to clear his name and presents himself as a pro-Western, pro-NATO, and business-friendly option. A clear signal for the voters, who have been watching for months how Odlazek’s media, together with ProPlus’ media, set fire to the “disobedient” Nataša Pirc Musar, and they would have done the same with Logar if they had something controversial to report – but they cannot blame him for anything other than that, that he was associated with the party that post-communist politicians and media have for the incarnation of the devil. In this case, Kordiš is a useful idiot of the post-transition left, but he may not even realise it.

Pop TV creates the illusion that the extremist Brglez is centrist

Pop TV therefore creates a carefully staged illusion of Brglez’s centrists, just as in 2007 they made the extremist Danilo Türk a centre-left prominent figure who, due to the Khmerisation of Slovenia in the period 1941-1945, had no problems dealing with the centre-right candidate Lojze Peterle. Of course, Brglez is not a centrist candidate. He is an extreme leftist, his natural place would be the Levica party, just like Kordiš. It is true that he illegally took away the mandate of MP from Janez Janša, but that is what any politician on the left would do if he had the chance – this is the leftist mainstream. His extremity is manifested in other things.

Even on a symbolic level, he gives enough winks to the far left that there is no doubt where he belongs. Brglez is often seen in public wearing a T-shirt with the image of the Latin American communist, butcher, and great hater of homosexuals, Che Guevara. As it is known today, he is a psychopath, a murderer, a racist and a great hater of homosexuals. He went on vacation to the German Trier to find motivation for further parliamentary work, which would not be unusual if Trier were not the birthplace of the ideological executioner of half of Europe – the German aristocrat Karl Marx, the originator of the ideology of Marxism. But to make it clear to everyone what this is about, he also took a photo in front of the statue of this horrible man.

His views on the post-war massacres following to a so-called natural law were upsetting. Dr Boštjan Kolarič commented on them that it is a perverted interpretation of natural law, the political-ideological need to justify crimes that, due to their horrific nature and severity, never become obsolete. The statements of European Member of Parliament Milan Brglez reflect not only a non-understanding of the law, but above all the moral perversion of the spiritual, political, and legal heirs of communist criminals and grossly deny the constitutionally declared Slovenia as a democratic and legal state. It was then that Brglez proved for the first time that he has the same views on the horrific massacres of people after the Second World War as Danilo Türk, who, upon the discovery of the mass graves in Barbara rov, said that it was a second-class topic.

His statement was even worse when a crazed Islamic extremist killed a bunch of children at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. Almost no one remembers this statement today, even though it is even more dismissive than the one about “natural law”. At the time, he said the following: “Unfortunately, the times we live in are increasingly demanding, so take care of yourself and your loved ones. It seems to me more and more that the Slovenian proverb ‘Whoever sows the wind, reaps the storm’ is coming to the fore. Let’s be tolerant of those close to us, enter into a dialogue with them. Society and the country are all of us.” You get what he was trying to say, right? Since the Western imperialists fought against Arab despots in the Middle East, it is only right that deranged individuals with fundamentalist views of the pan-Arab religion come to us to slaughter children. It is a shame that such a person would even work in politics. However, if such a person were to become the president of the republic, it would only be a clear demonstration of the complete dysfunctionality and moral perversion of the Slovenian electorate. Despite the fact that Pop TV and Odlazek’s empire are now trying hard to make him a centrist candidate.

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