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PM Orban: Elderly to receive full 13th-month pension next year

By: V4 Agency

Viktor Orban was re-elected as the leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz at the party’s 29th congress. In his speech, the Hungarian prime minister spoke about the need for the European Union to renew and the need for Hungary to continue to grow, among other issues. He also announced a number of government measures aimed to help Hungarians in the coming months.

Throughout its existence, Fidesz has remained true to itself, loyal to Hungary and its people, loyal to the Hungarian nation, said Viktor Orban, who was re-elected as the leader of ruling Fidesz at the party’s 29th congress in Budapest on Sunday.

‘Fides’ means loyalty, faith and trust, and Fidesz is a loyal party. In the past 33 years, more people have voted for us than for any other political party in Hungary’s parliamentary history, the prime minister and party president pointed out.

“This comes with obligations, and as long as I’m able to and you’re able to, we must continue, and I will,” he stressed.

Quoting the words of Lajos Kossuth, he added that as long as this loyalty lasts, even the gates of hell shall not prevail against Hungary. We are successful, he said, because what Fidesz does is its passion. “We’re aiming for the top, and we want to take Hungary to the top as well,” he emphasized.

PM Orban also said if the nationally-minded Christian democratic government is allowed to continue, in another ten years Hungary could go a long way, and could find itself amidst the ranks of the most advanced countries.

The Hungarian premier stressed that they recommend Hungary that it should strive for more.

“We can’t be content with what we have achieved because there are still poor people. There are still not enough children being born. Not everyone has good housing. Wages and pensions are still not high enough. Quite simply, we need more. So why would we be content with what we have?” he asked.

We can join the ranks of the most developed countries through tax reductions, investments, university developments, research, innovation, rural development, and even better governance, he said. If the civic Christian democratic government is given a chance to continue, Hungary can make huge progress again in the next ten years.

“We can move up to join the group of developed countries. We can eliminate poverty. We can become a country that is green, healthy, preserves its natural treasures, and a nation that lives longer and healthier lives,” he stressed.

“In the coming months, we will see things that have not been seen before,” PM Orban said. It started with the 80,000-forint pension bonus paid to pensioners and will continue with the payment of the full 13th-month pension.

From January, young people will not pay personal income tax, the minimum wage will be 200 thousand forints (545 euros) while the guaranteed wage minimum will increase to 260 thousand (709 euros), the prime minister continued, adding that members of the defence forces and the police will receive an extra six-month payment. The salaries of nurses, social and cultural workers will increase by twenty per cent. Families will be refunded the taxes they paid in 2021.

This is unprecedented, too, the president of Fidesz stressed.

Security remains the most important issue

Mr Orban underlined that during the era of pandemics and migration, security is the most important issue in Hungary, too.


Budapest, 14 November 2021.
Viktor Orban, the re-elected president of Fidesz, is delivering a speech at the 29th Fidesz Congress for the election of officials in Budapest on 14 November, 2021.
MTI / Koszticsák Szilard

The prime minister-party president highlighted that the number one priority is to protect that which we have achieved so far, including our borders from migrants. We must also mobilise our forces against anti-vaccination advocates because the vaccine saves lives, and anyone who denies that, anyone who tries to talk people out of vaccination or stirs up doubts in people, anyone who wants to procure vaccines on ideological grounds in fact jeopardises the existential interests of the Hungarian people, he explained.

We must also deal with the international network leading the way in Brussels as they are now planning to levy brutal taxes on the people in the guise of climate protection, he stressed. They now even want to risk people’s financial security because they want families to pay for the costs of climate protection, instead of the big multinational companies that are responsible for the destruction of our climate.

regarding the European Union Mr Orban said: Brussels must be reformed entirely before it falls to pieces.

He said the European Union is stumbling from crisis to crisis, it’s “only a rainbow-coloured shadow of its former self,” and if things continue like this, it will vanish in the waning moon. This is why Fidesz supports the Polish initiative to reorganise the whole European right.

He said we joined the European Union because we were offered integration, they mentioned nothing about taking our rights away from us step by step or subordinating our culture and traditions to higher principles. We must not passively accept every plan put forward by Brussels, he continued, adding that we want to preserve our sovereignty and do not want a united states of Europe instead of integration.

He stressed that we will not surrender the right to border protection, we will not surrender the right to stop migrants, and we will insist that “in Hungary a marriage takes a man and a woman, the father is a man, the mother is a woman, and they should leave our children alone,” Mr Orban said.


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