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Peter Sweden: “It’s not ‘racist’ to preserve your country and culture!”

We spoke to a Swedish journalist and younger generation publicist, Peter Imanuelsen, who otherwise poses as Peter Sweden. For our weekly magazine Demokracija, he described the situation in Sweden in recent years, especially in the light of migration and globalization.

You are swedish citizen, you lived in UK and than moved to Norway. Why Norway, is general situation compared with rest of northern/western Europe so much better in Norway?

In many areas Norway is still quite a good country to live in. The crime rate is still very low in Norway compared with other countries like for example Sweden. However there are more and more places, especially in central Oslo where crime is on the increase and you have gangs fighting each other. I predict that in maybe ten to fifteen years we will see a similar situation in Norway as we see in Sweden today, where we are currently seeing unprecedented crime levels. With that said, Norway is a very patriotic country, probably more so than most other Western European countries!

Left liberal globalists point Sweden as example of »successfull integration«; with all no go zones in Sweden one could say, that this statment is blatant lie. How do you see »integration« in Sweden?

It is very clear that integration in Sweden has not worked at all. The increasing crime we see in Sweden is reaching unprecedented levels. There has been over 200 bombings this year in Sweden, and more young men are being shot than in any other Western country. This comes from gangs that are fighting each other for control of territory, drugs and prostitution. Most of these gangs consist of people from different backgrounds, in Gothenburg we have the Nigerian mafia. In Rinkeby we have Somalian gangs. When Sweden failed to integrate newly arrived migrants, they didn’t get employment, many young men sadly turned to these gangs. And it is important to point out that most of the victims of these gangs are actually migrants, so migrants are suffering as a result of failed integration policy.

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Why did, decades ago, Swedish government decide to open borders for third world migration? What was the goal; altruism, yarn for diversity, wish to brag how progressive and tolerant is swedish society?

 Sweden has always seen itself as a “humanitarian superpower”. It is difficult to say exactly what the goal is, but for sure Sweden wants to be seen as progressive and tolerant. It is not a surprise that many of the migrants vote for the left-wing parties who promise more welfare benefits, so maybe that was something they wanted as well, more voters.

Once Sweden was example of free society, with freedom of speech and expression. Now it seems, Sweden turns in nearly totalitarian state, punishing those who critisize problems caused by third world migrants?

Like many other countries in Western Europe, Sweden has hate speech laws. People who engage in thought crime or write nasty things online can get in trouble. For example, a 65 year old woman was recently jailed for 3 months for facebook posts about migrants. In another case, a man was fined because someone else had posted racist comments on his facebook page. He didn’t even write it himself, but someone else posted it on his page. We are seeing free speech being eroded, and those that criticize mass migration are risking persecution.

As open can see, whole western civilization is moving toward censorship. You are quite opened with your views, did you faced attacks by progresives or mainstream media? Did Facebook, Twitter, Youtube closed your web site or account?  

I have been the target of far-left activists. I was banned by PayPal in an attempt by the left to stop my funding. My address was put online by a British organization called Hope Not Hate in an article where they spread many lies about me, calling me all sorts of names. This organization are far-left extremists according to the Swedish Defence Ministry. Shortly after that article the family dog was poisoned, and I also received death threats for my reporting. But I have also received death threats from neo-Nazis because I support Israel, so both the far-left and the far-right hates me. I think that means I am doing something right!

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Would you agree, that mass imigration is not the only threat for tradition and culture of european nations? That equal threat come from pacifist, LGBT, atheist and other »progressive« movements promoted by left- liberal westeren elites?

In my opinion the problem in the West is that we abandoned God. When we abandoned God we left the traditional Christian values that Western civilization is build upon, and in its place we got Socialism and cultural marxism. We see this in the West today that many people lack morals, and therefore we see the destruction of family values, people aren’t marrying and having children etc. But I see in Eastern Europe people follow Christian values much more, and I think this is an important reason why eastern European countries are in a much better state than many Western European countries.

Would you agree that »progresive« movements are corelated with mass immigration? Make Europe weak and unable to repel the third world invasion? 

I usually say that people get the politicians they deserve. If people in a country vote for left-wing politicians, they will get left-wing policies. Mass migration is a result of the people wanting it. A majority in Sweden still thinks it is a positive thing. And it is important to point out migrants are not the problem. The problem is that people are so left-wing, they don’t realize the problems with mass migration and failed integration, because they want to virtue signal about how progressive they are.

Those who opose mass imigration and destruction of European traditions are frequently accused racism, neonazism, xenophobia, etc. What would you say about such accusations?

These accusations is nothing more than a technique used by the left to get power over people. Political correctness is used to control what people can and cannot say, what we can and cannot criticize. It is not “racist” to want to preserve your country and culture. Have you ever noticed that these word games always plays into the leftist narrative? Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, but we never hear anything about anti-Christian hate crime…

How do you see future of Europe, will it sink in into destruction? Or will some parts, most notably central/eastern Europe, manage to survive?

It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the future, but it is very clear that things in for example Sweden is not going very well. In only a few decades we will be a minority in our own country. I think many places in Europe will not be what they used to be, we will see a lot of changes. But I was recently in Poland, and it gave me great hope that Eastern Europe will still be European in the future. I think we will see more and more Western Europeans moving to Eastern Europe in the future.

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Some citizens of Sweden allready moved in Poland and Hungary and many supossedly consider such move. Is it true, do you know somebody from Sweden, who moved or intend to move?

Yes, I have spoken to people who want to move, and many consider Poland or Hungary. It is funny because the Western media always talks about these countries in a negative way, but the fact is they have more freedom than many Western countries.

For the end, personal question, if western Europe wil endure destruction, will you move in central Eurpoe in if so, where?

Very interesting that you ask this question, because I am actually planning on moving to Poland soon. When I was in Poland for the independence day, I saw how proud the Polish were of their culture, and it actually felt like coming to a normal country. It felt like travelling back in time to what Sweden used to be like many years ago. When I arrived back home, on the airport the first thing I saw was a feminist advertisement, I almost turned around and went back on the plane to Poland…

Thank you for answers.


Peter Imanuelsen, better known online as PeterSweden. I am a Swedish independent journalist and political commentator. I was born in Bergen, Norway on 27th September 1994, but I grew up just north of Stockholm in Sweden. Growing up I was homeschooled, and started working in the computer industry . However seeing the situation in Sweden go unreported, I decided to become a journalist and do the job myself! Family is very important, and I have two younger brothers who still live with my parents. As for myself I am still single…

My hobbies include traveling, skiing and photography. There is nothing better than going on a road trip to some beautiful scenery and take pictures!



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