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Our Reader Cannot Believe How Cheap Electricity Was Under The Janša Government, But Now The Freedom Movement Has Brought Concrete Price Increases!

(Photo: reader )

By: Tanja Brkić / Nova24TV

“Today, people know how much they will have to pay for electricity and also how much the electricity on the hallways of their apartment buildings will cost them. Last winter, the costs were too high,” the current Prime Minister Robert Golob said on one of the shows on public television. It is true that people do not know exactly how high their next bill will be, but what they do know is that it will definitely be higher than before. And we are not talking about slightly more expensive bills; we are talking about a concrete deviation from the normal price, which is also clear from the actual bills.

After pocketing his 2-million-euro award for a “job well done,” Prime Minister Robert Golob does not even know what to do with all of that money, while the citizens, whom he previously promised that he would tackle the rising prices of energy, are getting bills that are higher every month. Brace yourselves, the rising of prices is not over yet, and the difference between a significantly easier and better life under the government of Janez Janša and the “poverty” under the government of Robert Golob is more than obvious. How much longer is this going to last?!

There seems to be no end in sight to the rising of electricity prices, which have risen by 25 euros in the last month alone, since a significant increase on the German stock exchange. Not to mention other significant increases we have been facing. Like the other providers of electricity, the Gen-I company has also announced further increases from the first of August, which means that the upcoming bills will be even more expensive. Golob, the former President of the Management Board of what used to be the cheapest electricity provider, is not the least bit worried about the increase because he has too much money already and does not even know what to do with it, but the story is much different for Slovenian households which can barely get through the month. Just how different things are now from what we knew before the current government came to power is also clear from the picture published at the beginning of the article, which we received from one of our readers.

The Freedom Movement brought a 50-euro increase in our bills in the first month
The difference is more than obvious. The price of the electricity bill jumped by a whopping 50 euros in the first month after the arrival of “freedom,” and by almost 30 euros again the following month. In total, the price of electricity has risen by almost 100 percent.

This is the current government’s way of tackling the rising prices of energy. The government of Robert Golob is, unsurprisingly, losing the battle with the ever-increasing inflation, which is already taking a fair part out of citizens’ incomes. According to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the price of electricity has risen by a record 30.4 percent, and the annual index has increased by 1.1 percentage points. In July, consumer prices also rose by a staggering 11 percent on an annual average, and by 1 percent on a monthly average, which means that, while earning the same income as before, people’s standard of living has fallen by a tenth.

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