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Orbán in Texas: “Family: Father is male, mother is female.”

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By Emar Forster

The Hungarian Prime Minister received a long standing ovation throughout his speech. Among other things, for this statement:

“Hungary will protect the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Family will be based on marriage or the relationship between parents and children. In summary: the father is a man, the mother is a woman.

And leave our children alone. Ending ! And no further discussion !”


Here is the entire speech:



America must unite with Hungary. Progressive liberals and communists are exactly the same. We need more Chuck Norris and fewer drag queens. – Our summary of Viktor Orbán’s speech in Dallas!

Viktor Orban delivered an opening speech in the United States at 8:40 p.m. Hungarian time on Thursday at the CPAC conservative conference series. He had already opened the first CPAC Congress in Budapest in May .

Many  expected  the opening speech in Dallas to be a winning formula for the US right.

“How We Fight”

“It’s fantastic to be here in Texas, the only star state in the United States ,” the Prime Minister began his speech. He explained that to his knowledge, a single star state means that independence, liberty and sovereignty are the most prized values in that state. This is the case in Texas and Dallas and Hungary have this in common. According to Orban, the only star state in Europe is Hungary. The Prime Minister said that we Hungarians have fought for freedom and sovereignty and for Christianity for the last 500 years and we continue to do so today.

“We fought for Christianity in the middle and modern times. We fought for Christian democracy in the twentieth century and we continue that fight to this day,”  he said.

In this regard, he noted that he once had a conversation with Pope Francis. During the conversation, the head of the Catholic Church said that Hungarian should be the official language in the kingdom of heaven  “because it takes forever to learn”.

The Prime Minister has made it clear that he is an old-fashioned freedom fighter. In addition, Hungary is currently the longest-serving prime minister and the only one opposed to immigration. He recalled that progressive liberals attacked him every day in Hungary.

The fact that he can now deliver a CPAC opening address would be both a great honor and a dream.

Zero tolerance for racism and antisemitism in Hungary

It is true that the Hungarians would not be a global superpower, in contrast to the USA. But with his opening speech alone, the left-wing media would have been completely confused. He, Orban, can already see tomorrow’s headlines:

“The far-right European racist and anti-Semitic strongman, Putin’s Trojan horse, spoke at the conservative conference.”

Then he said seriously:

“We have declared zero tolerance for racism and anti-Semitism. Anyone who accuses us of the opposite is doing nothing but fake news. And those who claim such things are just idiots.”

The prime minister also drew attention to a strange anomaly: that, according to some, he had destroyed Hungarian democracy as early as 2011, and then does so again and again every year. He asked the rhetorical question: ” How can something that has already been ruined be ruined again?” 

We must come together 

Orban said that although he is delivering the opening speech, he is only a guest here and he must respect and be fair to the US government. However, he noted that there are two sides of the coin: the Obama administration was putting ideological pressure on Brussels and trying to force the Hungarian government to remove the paragraph on Christianity and national values from Hungary’s constitution. The latter would have caused great pain. But we successfully resisted. And that’s the only reason we’re not the big favorites of the American Democrats.

“Progressive liberals didn’t want me here. We must come together because we know how to overcome the enemies of freedom.”

Progressive liberals and communists are exactly the same.

Orban stressed that the Hungarian War of Independence started in 1956 and we won it. For that we owe a debt of gratitude to Ronald Reagan. The prime minister noted that the communists were difficult to defeat because they had allied themselves with the liberals.

” Because progressive liberals and communists are exactly the same, they must be defeated again. We in Hungary have been defeating them continuously since 2010, ” Orbán noted.

Trusting the Judeo-Christian teachings

The key to our success story is: giving 100 percent, telling the truth and standing up for it. He added that we must trust the Judeo-Christian teachings. When man believes in God, he also believes that God created us in his own image and therefore the most sensitive issues need to be addressed, he added.

For you George Soros, for us just Uncle Nicholas

The Prime Minister mentioned his fight against George Soros. The left knows no boundaries in politics, and today’s progressives seek to separate Western civilization from Christianity. He made it clear that the worst things happen when those who hate Christianity come to power. He explained that George Soros is one who believes in nothing. As he put it:

” The Americans George Soros, us only Uncle Nikolaus. Because we already know Soros well, and he is our enemy .”

According to the prime minister, George Soros would think that the values we all hold dear led to the horrors of the twentieth century. But the opposite would be the case:

“It is our values that keep us from repeating the mistakes of history,” he said.

Hungary’s right David against the woke Goliath

“You have to play to win,” Orban said. That is why we have to believe that we are better than our left-liberal opponents. He stated that we cannot fight successfully by liberal means, we must revitalize our Christian institutions. The Prime Minister explained that the horrors of Nazism and Communism happened because some continental European states abandoned their Christian values. Today’s progressives plan to do the same.

“Hungary is the only David fighting against the globally awakened Goliath.”

We were the first in Europe to say no and stop illegal migration.”

About the border guard

At the height of the migration crisis, almost half a million migrants wanted to come to Hungary. That tide was greater than Genghis Khan’s army, he noted. He said that after the construction of the border fence, illegal migration in our country was reduced to zero. This year alone, 160,000 illegal migration attempts would have been thwarted by border guards.

On family protection – abortions cut in half

Hungary spends six percent of its GDP on family protection, the prime minister stated. He made it clear that progressives claim that families don’t need to be protected, that families don’t exist. According to Orbán, on the other hand, in Hungary the family is the place where parents can pass on traditional values.

” If families cease to exist, then Western culture will cease to exist.”

In the last ten years the number of marriages has doubled and the number of abortions in Hungary has halved. ” Not bad to start with ,” remarked the Prime Minister.

On child protection and gender issues, Orban said: There must be more fighters against gender ideology:

” We need fewer drag queens and more Chuck Norris!”

About domestic and global taxes

The Prime Minister also spoke about the domestic tax system. He pointed out that the government has reduced the tax burden by 10 percent in ten years, which is the largest tax cut in the European Union. He added that we have the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU at a flat rate of 9%.

The prime minister pointed out that recently, however, Hungary has once again targeted the global minimum tax initiative.

However, the Empire always strikes back

Thus, the current Biden-US administration decided to end the existing tax treaty between Hungary and the United States, which was probably the best tax treaty ever. “I think it’s really the left’s revenge,” he added.

About peace, war and security

Hungary and Budapest would be the safest places in Europe. Another success factor is the commitment of the Hungarian government to law, order and security. Referring to the war, he stated that Hungary supported Ukraine’s territorial integrity. However, he explained that in his view, the strategy of globalist leaders to perpetually prolong the war will reduce the chances of peace.

“Without negotiations between the US and Russia, there will never be peace in Ukraine. More and more people are dying and suffering, and our economies are on the brink of bankruptcy,  ” Orban said. Only strong leaders could restore peace.

We need an America with a strong leader!

Orban pointed out what it takes to be peaceful. There are many great nations in the world, but none of them can be compared to the USA. He, Orban, believes that the future of the West is yet to come and that the West is struggling with itself.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve experienced a crisis as severe as the current one. The ideological wars of the twentieth century – the struggle against Nazi Germany and the totalitarian powers of the Soviet Union – were terrible. But then the democratic West came together and defeated both. But now the West is struggling with itself. We have seen the future promised by the globalist ruling class. But we Hungarians have a different vision of the future.”

“The globalists should all go to hell, I came to Texas!”

He also pointed to the need to unite, fight back and retake the institutions in Washington and Brussels.

“Let’s go and win!”

Orban also reminded that in 2024 there will be parliamentary elections in the EU, and at the same time in America there will be presidential elections. According to Orban, these two places, these two decisions, will determine the future of Western civilization. The Prime Minister said:

“ We have two years to prepare. Let’s go and win!”

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