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On the verge of the islamisation of Slovenia: asylum seekers can even bring their family members to Slovenia, who will then be able to apply for Slovenian passports

(Photo: Demokracija)

Slovenian Official journal no. 60 of 12th of September 2018, has published the alterations to the Regulations on the form of a passport for foreign nationals and the manner of fingerprint capture. These alterations were not publicly discussed.

With the consent Karel Erjavec, then Slovenian minister of Foreign Affairs,(who has since last Thursday become the minister of Defence), an alteration has been added to the initial Regulation of 2012, according to which a person who has been granted the status of an asylum seeker or a refugee in Slovenia, can apply for the passport for his family members to be issued and who will thus be able to move to Slovenia.

The Regulations quotes the expression »subsidiary protection«. According to the definition of asylum seeker, this expression is the exact synonym of the aforesaid definition. The decision of recognising  the subsidiary protection (asylum) also becomes valid as a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia, when delivered to the asylum seeker. It enables the asylum seekers to a number of rights, as well as their family members, once they arrive in Slovenia.

This further means, that after an illegal entry into Slovenian territory is made and with the articulation of the magic word »asylum«, their family members can the follow suit quite lawfully and legally.

There are 623 individuals in Slovenia with the recognised status of asylum seeker (international protection), 270 have submitted their application and are awaiting for the termination of bureaucratic procedures (they are accomodated in the asylum centre and its subdivisions) and further 92 individuals are waiting in asylum centre and its subdivision to be able to make the application. The total of the asylum seekers hence comes to a number of 985.

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