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New Hordes Of Illegal Migrants Are Coming, And Interior Minister Bobnar Has Sent Them A Welcome Signal

By: Domen Mezeg/ Nova24tv

A video clip has emerged online, showing hordes of illegal migrants on the Balkan route, parading through the forests unhindered. There are said to be over 100 thousand more “in stock” in Turkey, and they are posting their march on social media.

When Prime Minister Robert Golob announced that he would remove the fence from the southern border, the number of illegal migrants increased dramatically. In doing so, Golob spat in the face of Slovenian citizens, especially those who have already suffered material or other harm from the said migrants, and he also trampled on the rule of law. But, above all, he gave his blessing to the trafficking of human beings.

The point that Golob was trying to make between the lines was that the legislation that applies to ordinary mortals does not, in fact, apply to first-class people. In addition to the Friday protesters, the activists from various institutes, the journalistic cliques from the public media outlets, the untouchable mayors, the sacred cows in the courts, the degenerate artists and others, we can apparently also count illegal migrants and their smugglers in this group of first-class people. The rules do not apply to them, they only apply to hard-working and honest people who fill the state budget by paying their taxes.

Let’s also think back to the distasteful statements by the Minister of the Interior Tatjana Bobnar, who said that all migrants who are fleeing their countries are just looking for a safe home. Slovenian Democratic Party MP Branko Grims faced her with the truth when he said that she should instead go and try to convince the victims of jihadist attacks, rapes, murders, robberies, and other atrocities of this. He also reminded her that she is responsible for the safety of Slovenian citizens. Our Constitution guarantees us a safe life, and Bobnar has sworn on this Constitution. And no foreigners’ rights should be above that right. MP Grims also believes that “it is a big lie that the fence does not work,” which is something that the leftists and the ruling coalition are trying to make us believe.

Prime Minister Golob should set a good example: he should remove the fence around his house!
MP Grims then called for the Ministry of the Interior to remove the fence around its premises and also called for Prime Minister Robert Golob to do the same, asking him to remove the fence around his home. We believe that Golob should set a good example to the citizens and do what Grims suggested. The MP in question also believes that Golob’s goal is the destruction of Slovenian society. And what is particularly scandalous is the wishful thinking of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Urška Klakočar Zupančič – she wants to take the illegal migrants to the seaside!


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