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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia at an extraordinary session on the harmful Marrakech declaration or the United Nations agreement on migration! Janša: Common Sense in your hands!

Today at the extraordinary session, the National Assembly discussed about the United Nations global agreement on migration, which the government last week illegally supported and announced that in December in Moroccan Marrakesh despite the opposition of the opposition and the majority of Slovenian public acceded to the agreement. Therefore, a protest against the controversial Marrakech declaration is taking place in front of the Slovenian National Assembly and the decision of the Slovenian government to support this disputed deal.

Members of the SDS, NSi and SNS, in their request for a meeting, proposed that the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia recommend the government to oppose the agreement on migration and inform the Slovenian public and the National Assembly about all international acts on interstate migration. It should also be recommended to encourage the EU and UN institutions to find solutions to address the causes of migration. However, on Friday the parliamentary committee for foreign policy rejected the proposal of these recommendations, so the National Assembly will not vote on them today.

In the SDS they oppose the agreement, because it equalize legal and illegal migrations, abolishes borders and accelerate migration. In the NSi, meanwhile, they believe that the agreement does not address the causes of migration in the countries of origin. They also requested a translation of the document into Slovene. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a working translation of the agreement on Tuesday afternoon on its website.

Last Thursday, the government supported the document and announced that Slovenia will participate in Marrakech in December in the adoption of the UN Migration Agreement. As Foreign Minister Mr. Miro Cerar underlined, this is a legally binding agreement that separates between legal and illegal migrations.

The controversial “global agreement on safe, regulated and legal migration” sets out 23 objectives for the supposedly safer and more orderly flow of people. So far, support has been denied by the great ambiguity of several countries, including the United States, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, and could still be listed.

In the National Assembly, the president of the SDS, Mr. Janez Janša, has already spoken, calling on the government to act wisely and to withdraw from the global agreement on migration! At the conclusion of his speech, he said:

“If you read this declaration with the wrong title, the name is incorrect because if any member of the United Nations, which is a permanent member of the Security Council, does not participate in an agreement, then this is not a global agreement. In fact, from the outset, when this last draft was published, all countries do not participate. Russia and China do not know that other countries, especially Western civilization countries, stand out one after the other. Yesterday, one of the coalition parties in Belgium announced that it did not support this, that is, Belgium will not support it either. So much for the core countries of the European Union, which should all stand by for this. After the CDU congress at the beginning of December in Germany, this country will probably change its position in this regard, and in the end you will be the only one on the German-French train.

So, common sense in your hands! Read the text that is here today, in which you will find everything that anyone wants. You will find articles that say that each country is sovereign, and you will find articles that de facto equalize illegal and legal migrants, refugees and migrants. The term “illegal migration”, is not even used at all. However, it is written in four places “regardless of status is guaranteed, this and that …”

Make no mistake; this is no Declaration of Human Rights. Now in this debate, we went into a side street, if you, all people, whether we are from Europe, Africa or America, have the same human rights. We have, according to the Declaration on Human Rights, a similar declaration, which is also ratified, we have, and this is not the topic. But in this document, the clear intention is that the right to migrate is slowly made for human rights, read, life at the expense of the impudence of others is done for the human right, and this is the end of a serious civilization.

Because of everything that is in this text, there will be nothing in the end, and the countries that will soon come to mind will be so much better. Look at what public opinion in Europe is like in the entire western hemisphere, even in Slovenia, 70% of people in Slovenia do not support this. And I propose that we act wisely and that the government withdraws from it. “

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