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Mr. Janez Janša: FIRST-CLASS CITIZENS, PART 3: Good Faith and Illusions

The political branches of the first-class citizenry laugh at the accusations concerning the lack of reforms. And rightfully so, since the purpose of their existence is to keep things as they are and thereby defending the status, power and privileges of the red elite.

Good faith is one of the characteristics of the democratic part of Slovenian politics and of Slovenians in general. They believe in good, in happy endings and a good outcome even when the circumstances of the everyday life are not looking so promising. They trust the good intentions of others. This character trait is most likely responsible for the survival of the Slovenian nation during its history. However, it has been the cause of great tragedies many times. This came to the forefront when Slovenians were faced with the fratricidal assault on power by the avant-garde. In spite of this fatal deception and the terrible price paid it claimed, the trait of “good faith” is still an intrinsic part of the Slovenian people.

Because of the “good faith” of the second-class citizens and the financial means, media monopoly and repression at their disposal, the first-class citizenry has no problem in maintaining their power and privileges. This good faith transformed itself into illusions that result in electoral abstention of the true democrat and thus enable the formation of bad governments. These illusions obscure the essence of the problem from good and competent people. Instead, they only see the surface reality. Because of the illusions, Slovenians cannot grasp why the wages and pensions are so low, but easily fall for the lies, served to them by the media. This is why the rational solutions,  offered by well-meaning intellectuals in armchairs, cannot be applied in a world that differs from theirs.

The first illusion of the well-meaning intellectuals, who are not the puppets of the regime, is that the situation can be only changed by pointing out the lack of reforms or counter reforms and by using the highest degree of “political correctness” when possible. Inertia is an important cornerstone of this state of mind in Slovenia, which has persisted all through the so-called period of transition. All this is a big delusion, because the first-class citizens laugh at the reproaches of them not carrying out reforms. This is based on the assumption of the first-class citizenry not being aware of the meaning of reforms and not being able to carry them out. While the latter is partly true, the former is far from it. The aim of the red elite − basically the fundamental purpose of their existence − is the prevention of reforms, or at least delaying them to the extent that leaves them in charge of managing the risks. These risks jeopardize the system that serves them, and it would have been seriously altered if the reforms actually took place. It must have sounded illogical or even stupid when Miro Cerar, the chosen member of the self-proclaimed elite, during his tenure between the years 2014 and 2018, constantly repeated that stability represented the key success of his government. No reforms were put in place. Considering the ultimate objective, which is really the reason why he was enthroned as a prime minister after the stolen election, this assertion does sound quite logical.  In reality, he did exactly what he was chosen for. He safeguarded the position and privileges of the self-nominated elite, of which he was also part. Stability to them means security and inviolability of their privileges. As the president of the Social Democrats and speaker of the Slovenian parliament Dejan Židan recently said at Osankarica, “they are champions for their rights”. 

During the time when all the reasonable people in Slovenia are appalled at the astronomical sums paid for the delays and stalling the privatizations, the ayatollahs of the first-class citizenry just smirk smugly. In their eyes, the less economy that is controlled by others, the better the system benefiting them will fare.

The second illusion is built on the conviction that it is possible to establish an operational system of parliamentary or liberal democracy by avoiding the Council of Europe resolution 1096, which in 1996 clearly stated that in post-communist states, real democracy is not possible without the decomposition of the remnants of the former totalitarian system. Despite the forewarning of the “consecrated” organisation and through decades of non-transition and restoration, in spite of the great number of accumulated evidence, we are still witnessing at various round table debates and “think-tanks”, the “intellectual” attempts to discover something that is neither fish nor fowl.

The third illusion is the self-deception of denying the importance of uncovering the truth concerning the original act of the Slovenian national division − the Communist revolution and the emanating massive physical destruction of the traditional Slovenian economic and humanistic elite. The rise of our nation, the second republic or the cathedral of freedom are not possible if one does not completely understand the totality of this highly degenerated criminal act. Slovenia is not able to breathe fully, because the first-class citizens don’t allow it. They won’t allow the truth and reconciliation is impossible without it. And the nation that is not reconciled is not capable of using most of its developmental prospects.


Figure five: Birth (blue) and death (red) rates; Source: SURS.

The fourth illusion is based on the conviction that the first-class citizenry isn’t sufficiently aware of the danger of pressure that illegal migrants are exerting upon Europe and Slovenia. This is why they wholeheartedly agree with the Marrakesh Declaration and accept and support the migrants from countries where they were not threatened at all. They are being paid large sums to do so. The truth couldn’t be more different than what they want us to believe. What most individuals in Slovenia and Europe reasonably perceive as danger, the first-class citizens see as an opportunity. It is the opportunity to strengthen the withering base of their supporters, because the foreign newcomers are at first easy prey of those who give them the taxpayer’s money for doing nothing. The interest of the first-class elite to preserve the power and status prevails upon the reconnaissance of the real terrorist threats and social tension which necessarily accompany the wild multiculturalism. During the Christmas holidays season, one of the oldest regime newspapers victoriously presented the last comprehensive demographic data for Slovenia (in the year 2017). On average, there were 55 infants born in Slovenia per day and 56 people that died each day. The daily rate of immigration influx was 52 people, while 48 emigrated. The natural growth of the population is declining because of the extremely small number of births and emigration of young Slovenians. At the same time, there is a steady immigration flow of people, most of whom don’t have anything in common with the Slovenian tradition. Cultural marxists see this trend as the realization of one out of the five basic goals of the Communist Manifesto (the decomposition of the nation, family, religion, private property and private school educational system), while the first-class citizenry sees it as a promise of maintaining their system of status and privileges. This trend of exchanging the Slovenian voters for the non-Slovenian ones produces at least 10000 political votes net or one parliamentary mandate per year.

Because of these illusions, the results of the  occasional projects of the “right-wing liberal” intellectuals usually turn out quite the opposite of their undoubtedly sincere intentions, as those activities can be easily led away from their initial intents or even be used against the reforms in the critical moments. The illustrative example of these practices was the conduct of Gregor Virant’s party Državljanska Lista at the precise moment when, at the end of 2012, the decomposition of the financial, mafia-style structure of the first-class citizens had for the first time seemed a real possibility. 

We were persuaded that the first-class citizenry would sooner or later recognize the error of their ways and accept the reconciliation if only we would be persistent in turning the other cheek, be inclusive, well-mannered and indulgent. Their ideological apparatus, however, is responsible for the illusions with which they have been feeding the Slovenian people ever since they promised to” step down from power” three decades ago. 


Figure six: Immigrants (blue) and emigrants (red); Source: SURS.

The Demos Coalition acted exceedingly gentlemanly and accepted almost all of opposition’s demands concerning the plebiscite. In spite of this, the renewed communists did all they could to prevent the independence in practice. During the Slovenian Independence War, Milan Kučan and Ciril Ribičič have even persuaded the Secretary General of the Socialist International not to acknowledge the international recognition of Slovenia, led at that time by the political parties of the right (Piero Fassion writes about this in his book “Per passione”).

The Slovene Christian Democrats (SKD) and the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) became minority partners in the second leftist Drnovšek government, thinking that after the independence, everyone would come together and strive for Slovenia’s prosperity. After the merger of the Liberal Democracy of Slovenia (LDS) with the Green party and the Democratic party, LDS itself had enough votes to form the majority. As quickly as it could, LDS organised the Depala vas political affair against SDS and the Agreement of Aquilea against SKD, specifically Lojze Peterle.

When Slovenian People’s Party (SLS) went on to form the government in 1997, the leftist media initially sang praises of Marjan and Janez Podobnik, but a only a few months later, an extensive campaign of personal discreditation had been launched in what appeared to be a preplanned project of media murder of both politicians.

After the motion of censure on the second Drnovšek government, the government of prime minister Andrej Bajuk considerably stepped up the implementation of the European standards and caught up with the Slovenian lagging concerning its accession to the EU in the span of merely six months. As a reward for this and with the assistance of all the MEPs of the united SLS-SKD party, the socialists have nullified the results of the referendum on the majority voting system and three decisions of the Constitutional Court of Slovenia concerning the voting system by changing the Constitution. Acting in his capacity as President of Slovenia, Milan Kučan sent his adviser Zdenko Roter to Croatia to collect any kind of incriminating material against the defence minister of his own government (see Padle Maske by the author dr. Zdenko Roter. The book is sold out and was never reprinted).

When SDS won the election in autumn 2004, it offered the forming of coalition and cooperation to all the political parties that got over the 4% electoral threshold and then formed the government with those who agreed to participate. Those who declined were offered to participate in the Partnership for Development. In return, they organized the Patria case.

During the formation of government of Borut Pahor after the election of 2008, we helped the new coalition as best as we could, with the preparation of emergency measures due to the escalation of the financial crisis in the EU. To show its appreciation, the new government nominated Branko Masleša as president of the Supreme Court of Slovenia and Zvonko Fišer as the Attorney General. Goran Klemečič and Darko Stare were appointed at the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. They introduced a series of anti-opposition laws in record time, which were later repealed by the Constitutional Court of Slovenia. This was done with the sole objective, succinctly summed up by Branko Masleša in a sentence: “Janša has to be f.cked up”. It was completed by the then president Danilo Türk who in his interview to Mladina ordered the elite that “all the independence rubbish” must be dealt with once and for all. We formed an anti-crisis government after Janković’s debacle in 2012 that stopped the financial bankruptcy of the Slovenian state with the Fiscal Balance Act (Slovenian acronym ZUJF) and other series of measures. After the worst was over, the first-class citizenry thanked us by organizing violent uprisings and writing the illegal, as well as false report of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

At the height of chaos and pressure of the illegal migrants on Slovenian borders in 2015, SDS constructively helped the then government with controlling the situation, in spite of the stolen election in the previous year. If one of the chaotic sessions of the National Security Council had been recorded then and released to the Slovenian public, its members would have lost their heads within an hour, as they bickered like children about the distribution of the budget. It would also show the complete incompetence of the then prime minister Miro Cerar who failed to grasp the scale of the migrant threat.

Slovenian Democratic Party was again constructive when the results of the catastrophic arbitration dispute regarding the border with Croatia were announced to the public. We gave top priority to the interests of Slovenia and in return received the untruthful campaign about “the excellent outcome” and the total incompetence of the Cerar government to implement at least the satisfactory parts of the arbitration award concerning the land borders.

Since the time of the democratic changes, the Demos Coalition, Jože Pučnik, Slovenian Democratic Party, all the political parties of the democratic extraction and the greater majority of the second-class citizens have been nothing but inclusive, open, understanding and conciliatory.

In exchange, the self-proclaimed elite organized the robbery of the state-owned banks twice, arranged the denunciations, pressed charges, arrested individuals, staged politically motivated trials, helped stealing MEP mandates and election, threw innocent people in jail, organized violent uprisings, discredited at all stages, launched media lynchings and used death threats. 

Immunity or personal inviolability of the self-selected elite against the criminal prosecution is one of its characteristics. This applies to the most prestigious members, the ayatollahs. This is why Kučan, Kocijančič, Rigelnik, Zemljarič, Ribičič, Potrč, Valant, Eržen, Tepeš, Vogrinčič and others never had serious criminal complaints filed against them, nor were they subjects of an investigation, indictment or even conviction on the grounds of more than obvious suspicion of illegal actions. Members of the first-class citizenry, belonging to the second circle, can be prosecuted in extreme cases, however because of “their trust in the judiciary as well as their respect of it”, they are never convicted, no matter how solid the evidence. Zoran Janković and his respect of the judiciary are the most illustrative example of it. In the third circle of the self-appointed elite, which has the biggest membership, the protection is not all that perfect. In order to show “the independence of the judiciary branch”, it sometimes happens that the defendant actually gets convicted, but they are rarely imprisoned as the proceedings are annulled at the courts of second instance. The only exceptions to this rule are those who are made an example to others. Boško Šrot represents the most obvious case.

When the steam of destruction and ruined reputations started to overheat and the growing number of social network users started to call a spade a spade, the first-class citizens came up with a new name for the persecution of their opponents: hate speech. In his speech at Ilova gora in the autumn of 2018, where the massacre of the conscripts was celebrated, the ayatollah of the first-class citizenry proclaimed that “hate speech was a threat to international peace”. Nothing more and nothing less. Even though it is known ever since Orwell came up with it, that “hate speech” for those who live in a lie, actually represents the TRUTH. If someone writes anything about the grand ayatollah’s role concerning the disarmament of the Slovenian Territorial Defence Forces, the money laundering worth 1 billion Euros for the Iranian terrorists or if someone opposes the public spending for illegal migrants, exceeding twice the average Slovenian pension, they are – according to the ayatollah – producing hate speech and thus threatening world peace. And of course, those who call for the destruction of the non-regime media, threaten with repression or just insult “the rightist mob”, are the champions of world peace. We live in the Great socialist people’s republic or Jamahiriya, where the ayatollah decides what is the truth and the self-appointed elite implements that principle in real life in order to defend their privileges. The propaganda tools of the regime then, following the example of a pest that has to be exterminated, use “hate speech” in order create an inner enemy and persuade half of the Slovenian public opinion that this is the main national problem.

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Janez Janša (61) is a Slovenian Prime Minister. Janša also led the Slovenian government from 2004 to 2008 and from 2012 to 2013. Biography of Janez Janša HERE.


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