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Miha Kordiš Wants to Hit Student for Reading ‘Homeland Manifesto’ (by Generation of Identity), a book published by Democracy Magazine

Miha Kordiš. (Photo: Nova24TV)

The radical left-wing extremist Miha Kordiš apparently lost his nerves during his afternoon return by train from Ljubljana to Škofja Loka! Two patriotic classmates travelling on the train, apparently wronged him so much that he wanted to hit them. They were doing quite common things for people in a democratic society – one was reading the Homeland Manifesto, while the other was wearing a T-shirt that apparently stirred up hostile feelings in “Che Guevara” Kordiš.

Facebook users have warned us that Miha Kordiš, the MP of the extreme left Levica “Above-Coalition” Party, is increasingly losing his patience and nerves. He publicly announced on his Facebook account that he had a “reflex” urge to physically attack the two high school students, adding the hashtag #BashTheFash – a term meaning “hit the fascist” that is used in left-wing circles. The reason is, however, a very incredible one – because one of the high school students read the Homeland Manifesto book, while the other one wore a T-shirt, which, according to Kordiš, was “Neo-Nazi”.

The Homeland Manifesto has been criticized by the Left Fascists since its publication, for supposedly promoting violence, hatred and racism. This can only be claimed by someone who has not read the book or is simply a cheap liar. It is a call to libraries to not buy this book, they want to prevent the people from making up their own minds about the claims and thus damaging the reputation of the Generation of Identity patriotic movement. We can only guess what kind of shirt the other high school kid was wearing. Was Kordiš deeply disturbed by a symbol of Slovenia? Was his shirt embellished with the logo of one of the successful Slovenian companies? Or did Kordiš make a mistake, due to the color of the shirt, that probably was not red?!

Kordiš Regularly Causing Spread of Hatred

Undoubtedly, Kordiš attracted attention recently by wearing a T-shirt with the printed image of totalitarian dictator Josip Broz Tito of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, whose regime is responsible for over a million deaths. The lives of our own people were also at stake during the war for Slovenia, with which we won our independence and the democratic order that Kordiš so blatantly abuses to spread hatred and intolerance. He regularly threatens through his social networks, using other dictators as his props. For some time, his profile was adorned with images of Hugo Chavez, whose regime, together with police violence, hunger and catastrophic situations, has already caused thousands of victims. He even posted pictures of Vladimir Lenin. Besides all this, we only need to think about the fact that Marxism and Communism, which Kordiš is ideologically loyal to, are responsible for over 100 million deaths, thus the most deserving of all for the beating, is probably Kordiš himself!

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