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Saturday, July 13, 2024

MEP Mr Milan Zver: On the 13th (September) the 13th (government). Only Friday was missing.

The efforts will bear no fruit. The after-pains are severe. Luka Mesec made clear already the first week that the new government was disabled, and this is how he keeps it in check. In fact, the Left party (Levica) has become the strongest party in the coalition, although they do not want to be in the government and take any concrete responsibility. Things are clear, waste of words.

It is not only Mesec who is a problem of this government that does not carry the aureole of the winner of the elections nor has it been organically formed, for example on the basis of a clear and predictable evolutionary concept. They have put forward their “calculations” on how much of the taxpayers’ money each of them wants to spend. The public financial assessment shows that this coalition will be a huge expense! This is spending, not a development government!

Of course, this is no surprise. Given the state of mind and democracy in Slovenia, it has been clear since the announcement of the election results that the transitional left will do everything to form the government, whatever the cost. The fact that they lack a good cadre, ideas, knowledge, experience, legitimacy (the government is composed of parties that have suffered a serious defeat in elections), etc. does not matter at all. The main thing is that they share a unique, “sacred” goal – that Janez Janša never rules again! The Deep State, as the old nomenclature is now called, does not want to allow him another successful and respected in the West government. Can you imagine how could the old forces under Janša’s government manage public procurement, the media, the economy, banking, health, how they would strengthen the already vassal relations with Russia, Iran, Turkey? The answer would be that much harder; Janša would be for sure a major obstacle to their “business”. In short, the directors once again carried out a dirty deal with “excellence” and misused democracy for their clientelistic interests. Only the actors and performers are still somehow full of beginner’s awkwardness.

For the last years, we can say with certainty that we have below-average politicians that take above-average responsible and demanding tasks. Politics is becoming increasingly difficult to enter for enthusiastic, honest and capable people. Anyhow, we do not have many glittering stars in the Slovenian political sky. In the last century, we had quite a few who with their charisma and ability attracted people to follow them. In politics they saw more than just a routine performance of tasks.

Here, anyone can be a deputy, a minister or a state secretary. A century ago, a famous sociologist Max Weber wrote that politics has become a profession, that a good politician must have specific knowledge, experience and skills. Where one can get them nowadays? If one has not studied the right field, he/she should have informal forms of training available. In democratic politics this is ensured by serious political parties. In the West, there are various foundations (institutes, centres) that do that on their behalf. In Germany, it is almost unthinkable to call someone shortly before the elections, say a teacher or a merchant, and offer them a candidacy and a possible deputy post. This is only possible in environments where democracy is permanently being killed. In Slovenia, however, the media summarize extreme ideas about the “ineffective particracy”, as well as politics itself is undermining its foundations by regularly reducing the funds for its activity. Not to speak of the law on party foundations’ funding that in no way has enough support in the parliament. That’s why we always have new parties, new faces in Beppe Grilo style, the top can be easily reached by people put there by advertisers in the dominant media and the so called invisible politics. They introduced a (non)system that prevents from having some stable parties and powerful politicians who would be able to lead the country and represent it abroad.

One of the European leaders said days ago that the fact that Slovene democracy does not have enough internal strength and culture to form a government by the election’s winner is totally abnormal. For a man used of western manners this is really abnormal. In our country, anomalies are becoming standard: they can arrest you without evidence, launder billions of dollars, impoverish the banking system, privatize intelligence service, drive out 50,000 entrepreneurs and take in 60,000 migrants, Venezuela is becoming an icon instead of Switzerland …

The Deep State does not want a seriously working, i.e. parliamentary, autonomous and stable government. But since this government is primarily into interest and money, we can expect that at first serious crisis there will be conflicts, which will take the government where it belongs. A government composed of losers and not winners cannot survive even low intensity conflicts. It is indeed something magical on this number – thirteen!


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