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Media Tycoon Odlazek’s Journalists Went After the Newest SDS MP With Forged Records!

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

Odlazek’s web portal Necenzurirano (Uncensored) carried out an extremely vicious attack on the new SDS MP Karmen Kozmus Ferjan’s personality right after she assumed her position in the National Assembly, by dissecting her diploma thesis. As it turned out, they used forged records and an anonymous “commentator” to discredit Kozmus Ferjan. In doing so, they not only humiliated the excellent former student of Theology and History, who received the highest marks for her diploma thesis; they also humiliated themselves. As so many times before, they once again turned out to be unreliable and unworthy representatives of their profession.

Karmen Kozmus Ferjan has two diplomas, one entitled “The political activity of Janez Janša from 1988 to 1992” (“Politično delovanje Janeza Janše od leta 1988 do leta 1992″ in Slovenian) and “Criminal Offences against Church Authorities in the Slovenian media” (“Kazniva dejanja proti cerkvenim oblastem (ZCP, kan. 1370) v slovenskih medijih” in Slovenian). The mentor of the former of the two was Dr Darko Friš, and the president of the commission for her thesis defence was Dr Matjaž Klemenčič, an internationally renowned historian with distinctly left-wing political beliefs. The president of the commission at the defence of the second diploma thesis entitled “Criminal Offences against Church Authorities in the Slovenian media” was Msgr Dr Maksimilijan Matjaž, the current bishop of Celje. In both defences, all three members, long-time professors and Doctor of Philosophy, unanimously rated each thesis with the highest marks – 10. Kozmus Ferjan’s total average in the two-subject programme (History and Theology) was over 9.

They forged the original record of the diploma thesis – which is a crime
In order to discredit Kozmus Ferjan and attack the SDS party, the trio of the Uncensored web portal – Primož Cirman, Vesna Vuković and Tomaž Modic – even went as far as to falsify the original record in her diploma thesis, which is an obvious criminal act. They also accused Kozmus Ferjan of writing quotations without notes, grammatical errors, and propaganda writing. We will not even mention all of the other vile terms they used. All of this for the purposes of political disqualification.

Even certain people from the left-wing political pole, including former SD MP Jan Škoberne, came to Kozmus Ferjan’s defence. “By the way. The attacks on Jure Ferjan and Karmen Kozmus Ferjan are sad, inappropriate, unnecessary, childish and bizarre. No wonder young people are no longer deciding for active citizenship. Give them a chance, instead of pushing them into a corner, from which the only way out is radicalism,” Škoberne wrote on his Twitter profile.

Cirman’s diploma thesis on Milošević
Is Primož Cirman cowardly “hiding behind the skirt” of his co-worker Vesna Vuković? We know that the article entitled “SDS MP who graduated with the worshipping of Janša,” was directed by the media-and-garbage mafia. But we also know that Cirman dedicated his diploma work to the late Serbian dictator Slobodan Milošević and the propaganda techniques of his regime. That is also why it does not seem coincidental that, with his detailed knowledge of Milošević’s propaganda apparatus, he became the editor-in-chief of the media outlet, the creation of which coincided with the formation of the third Janša government, and the sole intention of which is clearly to discredit the ruling coalition.

One could also detect the dictatorial pattern of behaviour in Cirman’s boss, Martin Odlazek, the owner of the Uncensored media outlet, who is illegally building a media (propaganda) monopoly, through numerous acquisitions of various media outlets (radio, printed media, web portals, television, tabloid newspapers). That is also why it seems highly inappropriate for the Uncensored web portal to be writing about Ferjan Kozmus’s diploma thesis, for which they claim that its content “belongs on the shelves of a university in Pyongyang.” The article also accuses the SDS MP of being superficial, and even claims that her work is an “unreadable piece of writing, not worthy of the title diploma thesis.” They also directed some of their criticism at Kozmus Ferjan’s mentor, Dr Drako Friš. In addition, it should be made clear that the “admiration” of the real dictator, that is, Milošević, his controversial propaganda techniques, and the state apparatus, is very clear in Cirman’s “dissection.” Despite the apparent criticism, Cirman did not really manage to disguise the clear, passionate enthusiasm and admiration of his Balkan political “idol.”

We also highlighted some telling information or examples of “good practice” that Cirman cites, which seems to be an important basis for the tools of his anti-government “propaganda.” This journalist’s work could certainly be used as a very instructive guide for Pyongyang’s party youth. However, Kozmus Ferjan and her husband Jure Ferjan did not take the whole thing quietly. They responded to the Uncensored’s claims, and we are publishing their response here. MP Kozmus Ferjan wrote: “The next time you sully my reputation, at least sign your name under the article. But fear not: I am kind, and above all, I do not build up my ego by insulting others. MP Ferjan: “Uncensored – a real unsigned expert. However, Karmen Kozmus Ferjan and all three members of the commission for the defence of her diploma thesis are a product of public education, which the left so ardently advocates for. The question of who you should trust – an unsigned “expert,” or three professors, Doctors of Philosophy (who, by the way, also have very different, opposing worldviews)?”


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