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Mark C. Donfried highlights some important facts about the U.S. elections

Recently, a Director General of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Mark C. Donfried has published an article about the 2020 US Presidential Elections, and its aftermath, titled “A new free world is locked within outdate 20th century systems”. In doing so he has highlighted some interesting facts about the elections and about the accusations of fraud.

At the beginning of his article, he pointed out the changes within the two dominating parties in the USA, Republicans and Democrats. As he stated, “the Republicans were once considered the Industrial Capitalistic Party« but since then the economy has changed, and with it the demography of GOP. So, “The Republicans under Trump, are increasingly supported by the lower class of whites and blue-collar workers.” On the other hand the Democrats have become “a kind of social-revolutionary party, planning to bring about a centralized revolution of a planned economy and a tax increase”, and “are supported by the big multinational corporations.”

Moving on to the somewhat controversial topic of accusations of stolen elections, he pointed out, that while Biden is supposed to be the new president, “the final results of the November 2020 US presidential elections have not yet been made”. He also warned the readers that it is clear that the results does not resemble the polls. In his words, “The poll companies made a big and serious mistake; actually the pollsters were wrong and very wrong. Almost all the professional polling institutes that conducted scientific polls missed the election results and by large.” The “blue wave” predicted by the Democrats, and by some poll companies did not come. In contrast with those predictions, there was almost a draw. He also warned the readers that in the states where the gap between candidates consists of thousands of individual votes, at most, “there are allegations of improper handling of ballot papers, and perhaps even forgeries in Biden’s favor.” As Mr. Donfried said, that’s far from an overwhelming victory.

Then he went on to say that both sides were relying on a similar strategy. This strategy was “relying on friends from their respective parties within the swing states to avoid exercises that will help the opponent in the count and perhaps lend a hand to exercises that will help them.” In Arizona and Georgia, Trump relied on the support of the governors to “at least prevent forgeries in Biden’s favor”. And in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, “Biden’s campaign has been backed by Democratic governors and state secretaries working to increase the number of votes that will count in favor of Democrats.”

Both sides claim the opponent is trying to steal the election, the difference being that “Biden does not have to say it himself, because the media is mobilized to attack Trump for him.” On the other hand, Trump has no choice but to “run his own media campaign in person”. In any case, we can witness “the continued mobilization of the media for Biden and against Trump”. This can be observed in the way in which American media attacked Trump, when he declared victory on Wednesday and blamed Biden for deception, and in the fact that no one criticized Biden, when he declared victory and accused his opponent of trying to turn the results in another wrong way.

While the Democrats and the mainstream media are celebrating victory, Mr. Donfried assures us that the whole affair is far from over. As he states, “Trump is determined to fight, with the flowing truth results indicating not very large gaps.” He also believes that in any case, “Trumpism”, or Trumps legacy, is guaranteed even if Trump does not win. Republicans will see to it that they preserve his achievements. Even if Biden becomes the 46th president, it will be obvious, that he achieved victory in large part because of the mobilization of half of America against Trump, by the establishment and the media.

As Mr. Donfried tells us, we have just witnessed “the most dramatic U.S election in which President Trump faced a superintendent who played a mediocre role in the U.S political film.” But this “film” did not happened by accident, since we all actually operate “in a very logical way, which is dictated by the framework of outdated 20th century systems, on one hand, and by the new innovations and technologies, on the other hand.”

Mr. Donfried concludes by saying that the politicians who want to use “political correctness” should do that without attacking politicians who see it as a waste of time and prefer to use more practical fast solutions directly facing and tackling the problems. Some “controversial” topics, such as abortion or gun control, “should be debated and checked within the framework of special mutual committees that will be able to find a proper compromises to satisfy those who are either in support of or against these policies”.


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