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Luka Mesec Should Look Up To The Finnish Prime Minister: Will He Finally Gather The Courage To Take A Drug Test?!

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv.si

“The standard in a civilised society… When the public calls on you, you react! But not by hiding and being defended by the media. This is the difference between the modern, civilised left and the staged, puffed-up, quasi-left as we know it in our country,” political commentator Miran Videtič recently wrote in response to the news that the Finnish Prime Minister has decided to take a drug test.

According to the Slovenian Press Agency, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin took a drug test on Friday. Namely, a few days ago, a video of her dancing and partying wildly at a private party surfaced in public. In addition, people can be heard talking about cocaine in the background. The results of the test should be known in about a week. She also stated that she had never used illegal substances in her life. Similar rumours about drug use were recently sparked by an interesting video with our Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunity, Luka Mesec in it.

The video shows the Minister’s bizarre behaviours during one of the meetings of the Health Committee of the National Assembly. Insiders have expressed the opinion that the unusual behaviour is a clear sign that the Minister is going through a withdrawal crisis. He was making facial grimaces, biting his nails, and so on. The public, therefore, called for him to be drug tested and for the results to be made public, as this would be the only way to dispel any doubts. Moreover, it should be made clear that public officials are not officials for their own sake but to help shape the fate of their fellow citizens. What state of mind they are in while carrying out their duties is, therefore, a matter that is important for all of us!

The Minister has also attracted attention recently with his neglected appearance – namely, he attends sessions unshaven and goes to important meetings without socks… And even before the elections, he admitted in a radio interview that he recreationally smokes marijuana. But the mainstream media still cover for him. Can you imagine the chaos if, for example, the Slovenian Democratic Party MP Žan Mahnič were to admit something like that? If anyone still doubts that we have first- and second-class citizens… But with a drug test, Mesec would immediately dispel any doubts and silence the hearsay.

Lawyer and presidential candidate Pirc Musar sees compulsory testing of MPs as an infringement of an individual’s privacy?!
What is even more scandalous is that MPs rejected a bill that would have required state officials to be drug tested once a year. The bill was rejected with 54 votes against it and 26 in favour. If tested, a sample of hair, urine or blood would have been taken and then tested. Similar bills were already rejected in 2017 and 2011. In 2011, the current candidate for the position of President of the Republic, Nataša Pirc Musar, even said that the adoption of such legislation would be an infringement of an individual’s privacy.


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