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Saturday, December 2, 2023

(LIVE) Slovenian parliament confirms Mr. Janez Jansa as PM (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Following the March session the National Assembly will discuss and vote on nomination Janez Jansa, the president of SDS, to become the prime minister of the 14th Slovenian government. We are monitoring the events in the parliament LIVE.

05:20 PM Following the election of the new prime minister Janez Jansa, Dejan Židan has stepped down as a president of the National Assembly. The announcement of his resignation days ago he accompanied by an estimation that this is a correct think to do, as another political majority emerged, which must have its own president of the parliament. This position now belonges to the SMC according to the new coalition of SDS, SMC, NSi and DeSUS.
05:17 PM Janez Jansa reads the oath. This was followed by a signature and thanks for the confidence that they could have formed a majority coalition: I expect to bring a list of candidates for ministerial positions shortly in this parliament. I hope it will be of good quality. Thanks for the constructive suggestions. We had some long days of talking, now the hours of hard work are in front of us.
05:15 PM The president of the Slovenian parlament Dejan Zidan announced the result of a secret voting regarding the candidate for the new prime minister, Mr. Janez Jansa: 52 MPs voted in favor, 31 MPs voted against. Janez Jansa is the new prime minister.
04:40 PM The National Assembly will decide on the candidate by a secret vote. He needs at least 46 votes to be elected. The parties that will form the new coalition are publicly promising enough votes to elect him, by which they will give him a third term in the government palace.
04:34 PM The president of the National Assembly Dejan Zidan announces the launch of  voting about the prime minister. The voting will be held in secret. The session will continue at 5.15PM.
04:30 PM SAB MP Masa Kociper: I hope optimistically that changes are possible.

04:28 SD MP Marko Koprivc: You are willing to go into coalition with the devil.
04:23 PM SDS MP Alenka Jeraj speaks about respect, about the situation and about serious accusations of hate. “It’s not true that we said everyone in public administration is lazy. Some work less.”
03:59 PM  SDS president Janez Jansa answers some questions. He president pointed to the fact that the country needs to be bureaucratized, which will contribute to Slovenia’s economic growth and development. They have done similar things in the US under Donald Trump and now they have high economic growth and near full employment. He remainded that the SDS had not overthrown the previous government, but that it had collapsed on its own, as the prime minister Marjan Sarec unexpectedly resigned. He also pointed to the problem that, for procedural reasons, the government could not be appointed more quickly. However, he will talk more about substantive matters when the ministerial team is voted on.


03:56 PM SDS MP Zan Mahnic: The former prime minister not only jumped into an empty pool, he jumped headfirst into an empty pool. Janez Jansa is the future, and Marjan Sarec is the past. I am glad that decentralization with this coalition will begin.

03:52 PM DeSUS MP Franc Jursa explains his vote and the goals in the collation agreement. He says to former coalition partners: The Left is the main culprit for the fall of the government. Another culprit is president Sarec, who jumped into an empty pool.

03:48 PM SDS MP Karmen Furman explains her vote: A coalition that can exceed party interests for the benefit of our citizens. This coalition is formed spontaneously, without forced protests. The carnival is over and the masks have fallen.

03:43 PM SDS MP Branko Grims explains his vote in the light of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia: There is no Slovenia without a Slovenian nation! Everything must be done to preserve the Slovenian identity.
Branko Grims. (Photo: PrintScreen/Nova24TV)
03:36 PM Levica MP Violeta Tomic in her style about the current situation and about the words of Breznik, »God lives«: Do you know who lives you? The working class lives you.

03:33 PM SDS MP Anja Bah Zibert about the irresponsibility of the past government and the discrediting of the person Janez Jansa: Citizens want that we work together for the good of the country.
Anja Bah Žibert. (Photo: PrintScreen/Nova24TV)
03:28 PM SMV MP Jani Möderndorfer in his style about the political history of Janez Jansa: Mr. Janez Jansa is one of those politicians who has been shaping Slovenia’s destiny for 30 years. He acts on the principle: divide and rule.

03:24 PM SDS MP Lidija Ivanusa: I wish that the change of government would be the first step towards the normalization of the Slovenian political space and the maturation of our young democracy.


Lidija Ivanuša. (Photo: PrintScreen/Nova24TV)

03:14 PM DeSUS MP Robert Polnar explains his vote: The left and the right no longer exist. Today, some other geostrategic parameters are important. Today, there is a division into the center and the periphery.

03:11 PM LMS MP Andreja Zabret explains her vote: The main goal of the coalition is to balance the social state and the market economy. I hope this does not go at the expense of social state. I will not support the prime minister candidate.

03:10 PM SDS MP Marijan Pojbic supports Janez Jansa: He has an established name in the world and in Europe. He has an ear for people.


Marjan Pojbič. (Photo: PrintScreen/Nova24TV)

03:06 PM Levica MP Bostjan Korazija: while explaining his voice, he talks about the symbolism of numbers, the crucified Christ and the gospel passage.
03:04 PM SDS MP Eva Irgl: We are able to work together for the common good for Slovenia. It is important that we are able to overcome these divisions today. I wish the prime minister to be succesfull and that he connsiders the benefit of citizens all the time.


Eva Irgl. (Photo: PrintScreen/Nova24TV)

02:56 PM SDS MP Boris Doblekar explains his voice: The work will become a value, the ideology for the SDS is the Constitution of the RS. There will be no joke with the new prime minister, there will be order and discipline, not if it will be it will be, if it won’t be it wont be. I expect you to be substantive opposition rather than ideological.

02:52 PM SMC MP Mojca Znidaric about the situation: I think that the voters have not sent us to parliament not to talk. SMC remains a center-left party. We remain in the same socio-liberal positions. New early elections would not solve anything. I ask the future prime minister to resign from the lawsuit against the country he will lead.
02:47 PM Levica MP Primoz Siter: The macropolitical fact is that the world and Europe are also turning in the right direction. It would be much better if Janez Jansa would not change his political color and would remain in socialism.

02:38 PM LMS MP Joze Lenart explains his vote: I fear the future government will jeopardize the fiscal rule unless it takes funds elsewhere. However, this was not explained today.

02:27 PM SD MP Marko Koprivc: I find it difficult to see things from a positive point of view. The SD will be in the opposition. Loud and clear. There is something else to worry about: the cheating on voters. The two parties will swallow their words and support the great leader, Janez Jansa.

02:25 PM NSi MP Jozef Horvat explains his vote: We will strive to work for the good of the people and the country. This is not a coalition agreement for four years. Next year, we’ll have the EU Presidency.

02:33 PM SDS MP Franc Breznik explains his vote to support the new coalition: The welfare state is not the same as the socialist one. Those of you who have excluded others will be excluded in the long run. It will be God’s judgment. God bless Slovenia, God bless the prime minister Janez Jansa, God bless the new government.
Franc Breznik. (Photo: PrintScreen/Nova24TV)
02:15 PM LMS MP Nik Prebil explains his vote: I am the only member of parliament who was born in an independent Slovenia. I oppose the politics of old faces. This is reminiscent of tragicomedy today. I will not support the candidate.

02:13 PM Suzana Lep Simenko: The presentation of Janez Jansa’s program today was a real balm for the ears. He will also deliver what he has presented, with the help of coalition partners.

02:12 PM SDS MP Suzana Lep Šimenko about the former prime minister Marjan Sarec: He was jumping in an empty pool.

02:08 PM Levica MP Zeljko Cigler about the character characteristics of Janez Jansa: He will not vote for him.

02:02 PM SMC MP Branislav Rajić about his vote: My friends and colleagues are on both sides. Some of them support my decision, others oppose it. I am ready to work with both. SMC will take great responsibility. We decided for a less bad option.

01:56 PM SD MP Samo Bevk explains his vote: I am sorry that the government of Marjan Sarec has fallen. I will act constructively. It is clear, however, that I will not support this government.
01:53 SDS MP Dejan Kaloh explains his vote: The new coalition will seek and implement solutions. Today is a good day for Slovenia. I will vote in favor of Janez Jansa.
01:47 PM LMS MP Robert Pavsic explains his vote: Legitimacy is built by everyone, voters give it to you. We hear that the laws have begun to withdraw. Otherwise, we will be a constructive opposition. Today, however, I deny you your support.

01:40 PM SAB MP Marko Bandelli on who is to blame for the situation: The first one is Levica and the second is prime minister Marjan Sarec himself when he resigned after being left behind by his closest associates. There are rumors that there was something else here. The forming government will face a financial deficit. We were against a way of raising wages in the public sector. I hope that Mr. Sircelj will make a budget rebalance that will be sustainable because it is not now.

01:37 PM SDS PM Marko Pogacnik explains his vote: I am convinced that the voice for Janez Jansa is the voice for the operating government. I will vote in favor.


Marko Pogačnik. (Slika: PrintScreen/TVS)

01:32 Levica MP Miha Kordis explains his vote and speaks about a corrupt political center: Today we will not get the prime minister, today we will get Janez Jansa. The center came to a complete fusion with the SDS. All this can only be stopped by the Left.

01:29 PM MP Sluga: We do not like the emerging coalition, but we need cooperation, not exclusion. People have not sent us here not to talk but to talk. That is how I will vote today. This road is not easy, but we are not changing our views in any way. We will try to cooperate because we believe that it is necessary and good for Slovenia. The moment when this commitment is broken, we will leave the government.
Janja Sluga. (Slika: Twitter/SMC)
01:19 PM SMC MP Janja Sluga talks about the way one person communicates which has never been known to the public: I have never experienced so much anger, rage, cynicism and impatient speech to all coalition partners as at that coalition table. Mr. Sarec was not up to the task. It was an observation at the time that it would no longer be possible to work in this way. And it turned out to be true. After the resignation of the government, SMC was the first to call for a left-center coalition to be rebuilt. The SMC door knob was the hottest door handle these days. LMS also said that we should form a government. They let us know that there was enough sharing. If this goes on, we’ll be soon be shooting each other.
01:13 PM SD MP Matjaz Nemec explains his vote: God help us. Not the government, but us. Janez Jansa is saying one thing and doing another. We are against the revisionism of history.

01:08 PM SDS PM Jelka Godec explains her vote: Sarec’s government was based on: if it will be, it will be, if it won’t be, it won’t. It is time to finally put things into place. I believe that the future opposition will be sharp. An unprecedented period is coming, and we have a mess in our healthcare. The coronavirus and a new migrant wave are coming … So we need a capable prime minister to deal with this.

Jelka Godec. (Photo: PrintScreen/TVS)
01:04 PM SAB MP Andrej Rajh reads a letter from a citizen to explain his voice: “I fully support your decision not to take the ballots”.

00:58 PM Nsi MP Iva Dimic explains her vote: I want us to be a role model for citizens and to show that we know how to act tolerantly and cohesively. Compromise is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. The future of young people depends on us, as well as a safe and respectful age. She will vote in favor of Janez Jansa’s nomination.

00:53 PM Levica MP Natasa Sukic: No matter how conciliatory Jansa was today, the SDS and Jansa remain unacceptable. I will vote against.

00:45 PM Lidija Divjak Mirnik from LMS presents her position. She accuses the SDS party that it’s trolls caused disputes. “I will vote against it, and I will also photograph and publish the ballot paper.”

00:43 PM Logar: Prime minister Sarec has only done one good thing – that he has resigned. Members of the parliament, act for the good of Slovenia.
Anže Logar. (Photo: PrintScreen/Nova24TV)
00:39 PM Now there starts a discussion of the parliamentary deputies. SDS MP Anze Logar will be the first to speak: Mr. Jansa is strict and very demanding. That’s why there won’t be as much Instagram ministry in the coming years. This will be better for all citizens.
00:38 PM Jansa: We have too little connection with our people who work abroad.
00:35 PM Jansa: People who have been sent to look for good practices in other countries will find it difficult to call back today; they will say to us that we are calling them again when we need them.

00:31 PM Jansa: Tell me about cases where the SDS creates an emergency? On the contrary. When we were handling things, our opponents were creating emergencies. At the wrong end is looking for radicalism. We also saw this last Friday. It was a reprise of what was happening in 2012. If you would scream »kill Sarec, kill Mesec, kill Zidan, kill Han«, I’d be the first one to speak up in the parliament. But some of you were laughing out loud when they shouted: »Kill Jansa«.

00:28 PM Jansa: We will look at some issues that are worth considering. As for the infamous ZUJF. This is the law that saved Slovenia from the so-called troika and from sinking. Why has the previous government not eliminated some measures?

Janez Janša. (Photo: Polona Avanzo)

00:17 PM Jansa: Mini tax reform is a good thing done by the outgoing government. We will review the bills. I do not understand the insults that has been hurled by a LMS representative. The first nail in the coffin of this government was rammed by Levica and the last by the prime minister himself as he jumped into an empty pool. So don’t blame us. Why did you fail with the tolerance and connectivity you mention?
00:13 PM Jansa is answering questions from his fellow members, representatives od parliamentary groups, including questions about financial evaluation: We did the calculations from the actual situation, that is, on the basis fo adopted budgets. It was only last week that we received information from government officials that the situation is different. There are two multimillion holes in the budget. Therefore, a financial revaluation is required. But if the situation is as shown in the adopted 2 budgets, I will be the first to congratulate the outgoing government, but I am afraid that is not the case.

11:53 AM Jozef Horvat, the leader of NSi parliamentary group: There was no real sincere partnership between the parties of the former coalition, as shown by Marjan Sarec himself with his attitude towards the coalition partners. Therefore, now we have an opportunity for a fresh start. Those who scare the public with the new government are wrong. The government will prove that it can and will work better for the benefit of the Republic of Slovenia and its citizens.
11:37 AM Levica coordinator Luka Mesec believes that the approval of Janez Janša as a mandator will be a civilization slip. He is critical of the government that is forming, but also of former coalition partners. In accordance with his Marxist rhetoric he quotes the “deep thoughts” of Marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek and his wisdom in the style of Radio Erevan. According to him, the political center moved to Jansa. Luka Mesec continues with his komsomol, bolshevik rhetoric, which is not worth quoting.
Luka Mesec.
11:15 AM Igor Zorcic presents the position of SMC parliamentary group. He was critical of attacks on SMC MPs and their president, Zdravko Pocivalsek, both in the dominant media and on the street. He was also critical of some former SMC members, who are offended today for not being given “appropriate positions.” He emphasized that nine out of ten SMC MPs will vote for the new prime minister. They will work together with coalition partners for the development of Slovenia.
Igor Zorčič.
11:05 AM Matjaz Han presents the position of the SD parliamentary group: Opposition for SD will not be a safe shelter, but we will direct our work to our program. Opposition is a responsibility for us.
10:51 AM Brane Golubovic presents the position of the LMS parliamentary group: We will not support Janez Jansa for the new prime minister.

10:42 AM SDS MP Danijel Krivec presents the position of the SDS parliamentary group: Needless to say, Janez Jansa enjoys all the support of the SDS parliamentary group. I believe that together we will have enough strength, wisdom and reason to agree on the most important decisions on which our future depends.

10:51 AM Brane Golubovic presents the position of the LMS parliamentary group.

Rezultat iskanja slik za brane golubovič dem,okracija.si
Brane Golubovič. (Slika: Nova24TV)
10:42 AM SDS MP Danijel Krivec presents the position of the SDS parliamentary group. 
10:33 AM Felice Ziza represents the position of the indigenous Italian and Hungarian communities: My colleague and I estimate that these conditions are largely fulfilled. Prime minister-designate Janez Jansa will receive our support today.
10:23 AM MP Dusan Sisko presents the position of the SNS parliamentary group: At SNS, we are confident that the new government will be confirmed. We will be constructive opposition. We wish the prime minister a good choice of ministers.

10:18 AM DeSUS MP Franc Jursa represents the position of DeSUS: The minimum pension with a full retirement age must approach the poverty line. Widows and farmers pensions must be regulated. In the DeSUS Group, we will support Janez Jansa as the new prime minister.

10:00 AM The position of SAB is represented by SAB MP Masa Kociper: We cannot support the mandator. We will not take ballot papers. We are going to the opposition, where we will be constructive.

09:57 AM Jansa: Slovenia has more potential than it currently demonstrates. This requires two conditions: responsible management of the country and cooperation and non-exclusion.

Janez Janša. (Photo: Polona Avanzo) 
09:56 AM Janša on the planned budgets of the previous government: There are many risks, but very few lobsters.

09:55 AM Jansa presents the challenges of a two-year government run: Slovenia needs almost 2% growth to generate current debts. There are risks of the coronavirus epidemic.
09:51 AM Jansa on equality in the EU and experience of the presidency of the European Council: When I called the French president, everything was in accordance with the rules of the European Council in the afternoon. Equality within the EU is an option and we have to fight for it.
09:50 AM Jansa on the European institutions and the problems thea are facing.

09:45 AM Jansa on the professional army and NATO: The primary task of the defense system is to defend the country.

09:42 AM Jansa on the strategy for the Slovenian armed forces: Slovenia needs at least 15,000 reserve forces in addition to a professional army.

09:41 AM  Janša: The problems in health care can be solved, but not without making order and regulating the salary system

09:40 AM Jansa on public health and education: Competition is needed here. Slovenia will never switch public education and health care to private, but competition is needed.

09:37 AM Jansa: Steps must be taken to ensure a more decent living with pensions. We are obliged to establish a demographic-pension fund, in which the assets will be transferred, as much as it remains.

09:33 AM Jansa on financial restructuring and demographic policy: The demographic problem begins with the decline in birth rates. All that solves this problem is not social but investment policy for the future of the country. This problem increases the number of young people leaving abroad.
09:28 AM Jansa: Today, there are two key equalizers to provide as much of equal baseline options as possible: education and the internet.

09:26 AM Jansa: The key is that decentralization is a strategic project, so that quality infrastructure is built all over the country, especially digital, because in the future more and more work will be tied to it.

09:20 AM Jansa: The coalition is committed that all demographic-related institutions will be out of the center.

09:17 AM Jansa on decentralization: It is about giving all citizens the same basic opportunity, which is something other than forced equality.

09:15 AM Jansa on debureaucratization: What has accumulated over the years cannot be resolved overnight.


(Photo: Twitter)

09:11 AM Jansa: The measures are mainly about debureaucratization and decentralization. In 1996, we needed 12 people for some procedure, but today we need 33 people, although there are still 2 million of us.

09:10 AM Jansa presents measures that will help to raise more money into the state budget.

09:09 AM Jansa: We are ready to work for the common good.

09:05 AM Jansa: The guidelines that will be presented today are the guidelines of those of us who were willing to talk and also to agree on the key issues that are present in the country at this time. The coalition will place in the foreground all that unites and connects us.

09:04 AM Janez Jansa is presenting his program and coalition agreement and guidelines for the formation of a new government. 

09:03 AM The president of the National Assembly gives the floor to Janez Jansa.
(Photo: Twitter)
09:02 AM Member of Parliament Franc Kramar, Predrag Bakovic and Violeta Tomic will not be able to attend today’s session until 10:30 AM.
09:00 AM The 16th regular session of the National Assembly begins, members of the Parliament will decide on Jansa’s third prime ministerial term.

08:32 AM You can watch the 16th regular session of the National Assembly LIVE at:
https://nova24tv.si/tv-v-zivo/ ali https://4d.rtvslo.si/zivo/tvs3.

08:30 AM Due to speculation that Jansa may also be supported by some of the SAB members, they will not take over the ballot in this parliamentary group. The support for the candidate has already been announced by SNS MP Jani Ivanusa, but it is unknown whether all three SNS MPs will act in this manner. Opposition to the Jansa government is announced in the LMS, SD and the Left.
07:21 AM If Janez Jansa will be elected as a prime minister today, the resignation of the president of the National Assembly, Mr. Dejan Zidan, is also expected. Who will succeed him has not yet been explained in the SMC to which this position belongs regarding the coalition agreement. Unofficially, this is supposed to be the head of the parliamentary group, Mr. Igor Zorcic.
Janez Janša.
07:20 AM In the case of his election, Janez Jansa will have to propose the appointment of ministers within 15 days at the latest.
07:10 AM You can see the schedule of the discussants and the timetable for today’s session HERE:
vrstni red razpravljalcev

00:07 AM The main highlights of the coalition agreement can be found (HERE)

00:06 AM The accession to the new government confirmed the parties SDS, NSi, SMC and DeSUS by signing a coalition agreement. Janez Janša can count on 47 to 51 votes in the National Assembly.

00:05 AM After Janez Jansa was nominated as a new prime minister, the leftist organized protests and called for the killing of Jansa. You can watch the video (HERE)

00:03 AM After prime minister Marjan Sarec (LMŠ) resigned, the president Borut Pahor last Tuesday gave the mandate to form the new government to Janez Jansa, who is the winner of the last election.

00:01 AM Following the March session the National Assembly will discuss and vote on nomination Janez Jansa, the president of SDS, to become the prime minister of the 14th Slovenian government.



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