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Leftist NGOs start directing hostile outbursts at individual doctors

By: Ž. K. (nova24tv.si)

The conglomerate of non-governmental organisations presenting themselves to the Slovenian public under the name “Voice of the People” has found a new target. This time, they attacked doctors working at the medical centre MD Medicina. Jaša Jenull was bothered by the fact that doctors there work additional hours in a private medical centre after finishing their shifts.

The ringleader of the attack on the doctors is once again the street artist, left-wing activist, and son of prosecutor Hinko Jenull, Jaša Jenull. “Out of 55 doctors working at MD Medicina, 44 are employed in public health institutions,” he said but soon faced a response.

“Each of the 44 doctors who also work at MD Medicina fulfils their obligations in the public health system honestly. Otherwise, they would not receive consent to work for another employer. Anyone who leaves the public health system due to the announced persecution will be sorely missed. The lines will be even longer,” responded Dr Samo Vesel.

This is what Jenull’s hostile demonstration looked like:

At this protest, there were also death threats against so-called “amphibians”, as we have previously reported. Protesters brought a sign to the Clinical Centre in Ljubljana, where the protest took place, reading “Death to the amphibians, freedom to the people”. Amphibians are doctors who, in addition to their full-time work in public health institutions, also work in private practices. The slogan itself originates from the time of revolutionary terror when it read “Death to fascism, freedom to the people”.

Almost 80 years after the end of World War II, we can see very similar propaganda techniques against undesirable social groups in Slovenia as those seen in Nazi Germany. Don’t believe it?

Even before this, the extreme left-wing publication featured graphic depictions of “amphibians,” which originated in the communist Soviet Union (doctor conspiracy and comparable cover of Mladina from 2021).

The Minister of Health, Valentina Prevolnik Rupel, also offered her symbolic support to the protesters when she wore “frog” earrings during one of her public appearances.

Protesting out of duty, death threats, demonisation of doctors, and public lynching of doctors in private clinics are not without cost. This kind of propaganda is funded by the Slovenian budget. Recently, we reported that the conglomerate of non-governmental organisations “Voice of the People” cost taxpayers approximately 140 million euros by 2023. This amount has, of course, increased since last year.


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