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Laura Towler: »Many of us feel like strangers in our own home. There is no community anymore. Crime is on the rise.”

We talked with Laura Towler, the Deputy Director of the British organization Patriotic Alternative, which mainly focuses on problems caused by mass immigration and on the great demographical replacement.

Could you for the beginning tell us a bit about yourself, and what were the main reasons that you decided to enter politics and join the Patriotic Alternative movement?

I never really made a conscious decision to get involved in politics. It just kind of happened. I started off moaning on Twitter about immigration, and then I was invited to write a few articles for Defend Europa, which is a news and opinion website that a friend of mine helps to run. Fast forward a few years and I have a YouTube channel and I work with Mark Collett at Patriotic Alternative. The thing that drives me is quite simply a love for England. I hate the way our country is being destroyed and I want to do everything in my power to stop that from happening.

Tell us what does the Patriotic Alternative stand for and what are its main goals?

We are nationalists. We stand for a safe homeland for the British. This must be somewhere where our people can flourish and their culture can flourish as an extension of that, and where we can be away from harm and conflict. We also believe that we should govern ourselves and have self-determination. Our short term goals are to start from the ground up by building our own communities, and to raise awareness of the issues our nation faces through activism.

Recently Patriotic Alternative has organised an action where you called upon your supporters to post photos of themselves holding “White lives matters” banners of posters. Tell us a bit more about that.

This was our celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day and it was such a fun day! Europeans are always excluded from the official Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations which is wrong because we are indigenous too. The British are indigenous to Britain. We decided to take matters into our own hands and we called on people to post pictures of banners, posters and leaflets saying “White Lives Matter” and get the hashtag trending on Twitter. We had hundreds of people take part in the day. The photos are all up on our website now.

You are an author of a documentary “We Were Never Asked”. Please tell us what are the main points of this documentary?

The aim of We Were Never Asked was to survey British people (ethnically British people) on how they feel about us being on track to becoming a minority in Britain, which is something which will happen by the year 2066 if current trends continue. The media like to paint the picture that the vast majority of us don’t care about that. Our study debunked this though as 7 out of 10 people said they thought the British becoming a minority in Britain is a bad thing. Only 4.8% of people said it was a good thing.

Great Britain has been taking in vast numbers of migrants in the last few decades, which has resulted in British people becoming a minority in its capital, London. What is the current situation regarding mass migrations? How does it affect the everyday lives of Britons and which migrants cause the most trouble?

We currently take in around two thirds of a million people every single year. Net immigration is around half of that figure. We only have a population of 66 million people. Such high numbers of people coming to our country every single year is rapidly changing the makeup of Britain. Many of us feel like strangers in our own home. There is no community anymore. Crime is on the rise. All these crazy laws and diversity quotas are put in place to handle it. It’s difficult to say which group causes the most problems. Pakistanis are over-represented when it comes to “grooming” (the sexual exploitation of children). Blacks are over-represented when it comes to violent crime. And Jews are over-represented when it comes to having prominent positions in the government and media who push for open borders to begin with.

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Tell us a bit about the demographic statistics for Britain, according to which the British will be a minority in their own homeland in 2066. What do you believe is the best way to prevent this demographic catastrophe and what are the main goals of the elites that support the “great replacement” plan?

If immigration and fertility rate trends continue as they have been doing for the last two decades, then by the year 2066, British people will be a minority in the whole of the UK. We are already a minority in our capital city London, as well as other cities such as Leicester, Luton, Slough and Birmingham. It will likely be earlier than 2066 because trends aren’t staying the same, they’re getting worse. To stop this we need to completely close the borders and begin offering repatriation. We also need to start championing the traditional family unit and encourage our own people to start having families.

On the website of Patriotic Alternative you also warn about the consequences that mass migration has on an environment and nature, please tell us a bit more about this?

Open borders are destroying the British countryside. Even though only a small percentage of our land is urban, the rest is farmlands, forests, mountain and lakes, etc. With the huge population increase that we experience every year, we are having to cut down forests and build on wet land. Not only is this dangerous, but it destroys the rich landscape of our homeland and the habitats of British wildlife.

Britain has some quite strict “hate speech” laws which are the result of political correctness hysteria. If I am not mistaken some people were arrested and jailed in Britain only for Facebook posts or some pictures they posted online. What is the current situation regarding hate speech in Britain and what things are you not allowed to say or criticize?

A “hate crime” is whenever you show hostility to somebody based on their race, religion, disability, gender orientation or sexual preference. In the legislation, they use words like, it can be a “hate crime” if you’re “unfriendly” to somebody. It’s really crazy. We don’t have free speech in Britain. You can get in trouble for mis-gendering somebody.

How would you assess the work of your current conservative government and what are your thoughts on Boris Johnson?

The Conservatives are terrible. They continue to break more and more records for the highest number of immigrants (legal and illegal) to the country and the most births to foreign mothers. They conserve nothing apart from GDP and their own bank balances and social status.

What is your opinion on people and groups that are only focusing on dangers of “radical Islam”, such as Tommy Robinson or Britain First?

If people want to only focus on Islam then that’s up to them but the problem occurs when people only focus on Islam and also counter signal those of us who dare to talk about race. Tommy Robinson has called myself and my colleague Mark Collett “White supremacists” a number of times. We’ve asked both him and Britain First to debate us but they won’t.

Do you believe that it is important for different patriotic Europeans to cooperate with each other against the common threats our continent is facing?

Absolutely. Patriotic Alternative are totally open to that. We have good relationships with a few other European parties behind the scenes but it isn’t public. I’m hoping in the future we can formalise something.

What are your thoughts on Brexit? What were the main reasons that made British people decide to leave the EU and what changes will it bring?

The main reasons why British people voted to leave the EU were immigration and wanting self-determination. The EU is a horrible organisation and we need to leave it. They are now talking about creating a Euro-African economic area which we all know will include the free movement of people from Africa. We had to get out of there. But that was only the first step of our journey. We now have to deal with getting rid of the government in Britain.




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