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Monday, March 4, 2024

Last year, a record number of illegal border crossings: the number of illegals increased exponentially after the victory of the left and the demolition of the fence

By: J.B.

The police published data on illegal border crossings last year. Last year, the police handled 32,042 illegal border crossings, which is the most since the wave of migration a few years ago.

Last year, the police dealt with three times more illegal crossings than in 2021, when 10,198 were recorded. Most often, citizens of Afghanistan, Burundi, and India were treated.

Illegal migration increased exponentially when the left announced it would tear down the fence on the southern border and after the election. By the end of April this year, 1,072 illegal crossings were detected, which is less than in the same period of 2019 and slightly more than last year. By May, the number increased enormously, and the number of illegals caught began to rise exponentially (graph below).

The greatest pressure of illegal border crossings continues to be recorded in the area of the Koper police administration, where just under half of all cases were recorded, and the increase in the number is also noticeable in the area of the Novo mesto and Maribor police administrations (graph below).

The number of treated expressed intentions to submit applications for international protection increased by 4.5 times compared to 2021.


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