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La Verità: Macedonia’s extortion case also triggered by the EPP – “Mogherini, say something”!

La Verità journalist Laris Gaiser released Sunday morning new video relating to the Macedonia’s “Racket” case. Here what he says in the new video:


La Verità’s recent publications of audio and video recordings related to the racketeering activities in Macedonia in recent years, involving the Special Prosecutor’s Office led by Katica Janeva, has turned into a real political and social earthquake. Our newsroom, as well as the undersigned, was flooded on a daily basis with thousands of messages of support and appreciation. There were hardly any criticisms and threats that are usually encountered in such cases. On the site, on the subject of foreign policy, we have surpassed over a million contacts. We can say that La Verità has served as information platform to the Macedonian nation, shaking off some stagnant situations and restoring the confidence of a nation reduced to constant isolation, which the EU seems to have condemned in order to achieve a plan to limit the country sovereignty.  The Macedonians are a proud nation, disappointed with corruption, and suffer even more when the situation, even only indirectly, is supported by the EU.

It should be noted that precisely J.C. Juncker and Mogherini insisted strongly on the special prosecutor. That is why the sensational revelations of our paper have caused both internal and external tensions. Internally, the opposition led by H. Mickoski claims that La Verità has publicly demonstrated to the wider audience evidence of a vast political and judicial octopus that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev should take into account and resign. He (ZZ) has so far commented on the case only via a Facebook post where he says the characters have abused his name. From the prison where he is precisely because of the “Racket” case analyzed by us, Boki 13 responded to him, through a Serbian newspaper, that if he tried to kill him, evidence of Zaev’s involvement was with his mother. From an international point of view, except for the fact that our revelations were reported by numerous media outlets, including media from Germany, Albania, Serbia and Slovenia – the first to respond was France. The country’s ambassador said that Macedonian authorities should give clear answers to the scandal revealed by us, before Brussels begins analyzing Macedonia’s approach to the EU. And the most shocking message – total silence came precisely from the Union that we thought should be reexamined a few years ago because, through Mogherini, it was the main sponsor of the SPO and of many international traumas inflicted on Macedonia.

Regardless of the summer period, thousands of EU internal affairs staff, 220 of which are in the Skopje delegation, failed to submit any institutional report in hopes of quickly clarifying the facts. Brussels’ order to remain silent and to avoid further damage to its image must have been conveyed in a crystal clear manner. So clear that it became clear to Doris Pack that something was wrong, a decade-long parliamentarian in charge of enlargement in the Balkans and without any doubt one of the most powerful political figures from the CDU and Germany, and a current EPP representative. Doris Pack strongly urged Saturday the Union’s foreign services, demanding an immediate response and wondering how Mogherini could remain silent about the criminal reality revealed by the third video posted on La Verità’s site.

In 2015, it was the EU that insisted on the SPO, which did much harm to the Macedonian people. Today, those in the EU are obliged to respond, especially to those within the Macedonian administration who have risked their lives in the past months helping us publish the material, convinced that it is still possible to have a real democracy based on informed public opinion and control of politicians. As far as we are concerned, we continue to evaluate the specificity and legal feasibility of potentially publishing other audio material. For the time being, we hope that the Macedonian people can finally get real support from foreign capitals, which have so far run policies from the shadows.



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