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Joze Biscak, open letter to Mr. Harlem Désir: Without critical distance, you shame the reputation of OSCE!

I am really tired of the outburst of propaganda that after the change of government on March 13, when the center-left government of Marjan Sarec was replaced by the center-right government of Janez Jansa, is being launched by some Slovenian journalists, editors, and above all by the Slovenian Journalists Association (DNS). This activist war, fueled by hatred not only for Jansa, but for the right-wing and conservative people in general, has no comparison to anything in the recent history of Slovenia. And you, Mr. Harlem, are falling for this activist war, thus shaming the reputation of an organization such as OSCE (HERE).

These vile writings to various international organizations, full of manipulation, deception and lies, comes at a time when the world is facing the global crisis of the COVID-19 virus and is threatening hundreds of thousands of lives. However, this crisis is being used by the Slovenian mainstream media, which is mostly left-wing-oriented, for the propaganda war and incitement, and in the public service broadcaster RTV Slovenia that you are so concerned about, they use the crisis for political billing. It is a shameful, unworthy for journalistic profession, and we have not seen such a thing in these places for a long time. And then you respond, giving such abuses public and international support. Your words sound like the words of a political commissioner of the Socialist International from some of the darkest days of 20th century history.

You are referring to the OSCE Ministerial Council Decision on Safety of Journalists, adopted in 2018 in Milan, where all countries and political leaders were called upon to refrain from intimidation, threats or condemnation of journalists. But exactly in this year, former Slovenian prime minister Marjan Sarec (who moved his leftist position to the far left before resigning as prime minister) urged state-owned companies to consider whether they would advertise in the media allegedly spreading intolerance. In reality, it is precisely these media (conservative orientations) that have sharply criticized the government and their policies. At the time, no news organizations came to our defense, and you also were quiet as a mouse, even though freedom of the media and freedom of speech were seriously threatened. Even more. Thus, the Press Society (DNS) enthusiastically welcomed and joined the premier’s prosecution against Demokracija magazine, which has always defended freedom of speech and freedom in general.Even a criminal complaint for verbal tort was filed against  me by the  left-wing journalists, and I have been interrogated five times by the police for expressing opinions. Where were you then? Why were you silent at the time? The answer to me is that you have ’turned tail’ because you are also perpetuating left-wing political activism. You can be ashamed!

Further more, you are concerned that prime minister Janez Jansa is allegedly “verbally assaulting” public service broadcasting. If he wants to, Jansa himself will answer to you, but I will tell you something about the public service broadcasting and its “independence”. When, in 2016, journalists and editors of the public broadcaster and the »concerned public« (read: left-wing activists), at a meeting of the RTV Slovenia program council, claimed the »right to comment« and respect for »journalistic and editorial independence«, they had a poster with the inscription »Death to Janshism«, that is, death to Janez Jansa (HERE). Now pay attention. At the time, Mr. Jansa was not in power at all, but the government was lead by the left political option. But they felt threatened by opposition MP Jansa, who had no political power at all. It was unprecedented madness, and the public television journalists took off their masks. I will write very directly: these journalists are disturbed because Janez Janša is alive. They made it clear that they would prefer to see him dead. And you support them?

The persecution of conservative politician Jansa was joined by journalists and editors this year when left-wing activists staged a protest against the formation of a center-right government. On the street, among other things, there was shouting: “Kill, kill, Jansa!” (HERE) Why were you silent at the time? You can be ashamed! And another thing: taxpayers are forced to pay for public service broadcasting. It is a coercive charge, not a free choice for the individual to decide for himself which television he would pay watch.

In Slovenia, journalists are safe, everyone can share their ideas, explain their worldview, and they are guaranteed the right to write and express anything. However, journalists and editors will also have to be aware that they do not live in a soap bubble and that their work triggers different public responses. For the media and journalists who openly sympathize with the left (progressive) political option and who you uncritically defend, it is typical in Slovenia that their political correctness is rapidly changing into radical versions of opinion poison. Their obsession with the idea of ​​cultural Marxism that everything that smells of conservatism must be decomposed has become the obsession and personalization of the evil of one man – Janez Jansa. In doing their shameful work, they are the most intense on the public service broadcaster and they do not choose the means.

To understand the situation in Slovenia better, I invite you to read my letter to IPI (HERE) and the letter to ECRI (HERE).

Joze Biscak, editor-in-chief of Demokracija magazine

About us. The Demokracija magazine is published by Nova obzorja. The magazine is conservatively oriented, you could say that it is conservative (values) liberal (economics). We are committed to respect human rights, especially freedom of speech. We take this civil right in absolute terms.


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