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Janez Janša said: “Yesterday, the Franco-German train derailed significantly, at least for a while”

By: Moja Dolenjska

“Yesterday, the Franco-German train derailed significantly, at least for a while. Europe has found itself on the brink of chaotic conditions. Germany, with a government lacking public support and corresponding external influence, has now been joined by France, the EU’s second largest country, which will grapple in the coming years primarily with its own divisions. It will lack serious influence in the world and its previous weight in seeking necessary compromises within the EU.

In the parliamentary elections in France, no one gained the necessary majority to form a government.

The far left, supported by liberals, celebrated a relative victory, which is doubly relative. Firstly, because they only command 177 out of 577 seats. Secondly, because their coalition consists of four parties competing with each other in radicalism. At the victory celebration in the heart of Paris after the results were announced, there was significant violence, with French and European flags present only symbolically.

Palestinian, communist, and various LGBT flag variations dominated. If there had been a Yugoslav flag among them, the scene would have resembled leftist rallies in Slovenia.

Yesterday, a guest on French TV remarked that Marine Le Pen could not have received a better gift for her presidential campaign in 2027. After the chaos France faces following these elections, more than half of the liberal elite, which supported the left this time, may vote for her in the first round.

Maybe. By 2027, much will have happened in and around the EU, as the sea is more turbulent now than ever since the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall. During this time, when everyone in the EU would need a strong and stable Germany and France, neither of these largest countries fully controls their internal problems. Slowly, we are returning to where we were before 2004.”

This was Janez Janša’s commentary on the latest elections in France, as reported during the announcement of the election results last night.


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