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Incredibly quick response from law enforcement authorities against minister Logar after the report of the Fighters’ Union – if only they would do so in major corruption scandals!

Minister of Foreign Affairs Anze Logar received a criminal complaint for sending a personal letter to Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders on the situation in the Slovenian judiciary. “Let someone else say that law enforcement authorities in Slovenia are not working. They work express for me. On May 15th ZZB NOB files a criminal complaint, on May 22nd ODT provides guidelines, on May 30th the Police are already gathering additional information. Would the prosecution of banking crime go at the same pace?” responded foreign minister Logar.

Foreign Minister Anze Logar upset the Slovenian opposition and the dominant media with a personal letter to Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders about the state of the Slovenian judiciary, which he sent about a month ago. This angered the well-known radical Ljubljana councilor Janez Stariha, who filed a criminal complaint against Logar on behalf of the ZZB NOB Savsko naselje – Logar has already received a letter from the police today to gather additional information. However, we did not notice this incredible speed of the law enforcement authorities in the cases of TEŠ 6, laundering billions of dollars of Iranian money or in criminal proceedings against Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovic. As minister Logar was also the chairman of the commission of inquiry into the bank hole investigation in the previous term, he would expect greater efforts in this direction as well, as the judiciary has still not convicted any of the bankers who deliberately dug deep holes in the Slovenian banking system, which we patched up with taxpayer money.

Logar sent a personal letter as an appendix, in which he gave his personal opinion on the Slovenian judiciary. It is also interesting that the criminal complaint was filed by the Association of National Liberation Struggle Fighters’ Associations, whose members took care of the massacres of Slovenes after the end of the Second World War. Among other things, they wrote that Logar disgraced Slovenia with a dispatch with an accompanying letter on judicial system. With much disapproval, they accepted Logar’s critical words about the symbol of the red star. “Too many patriotic Slovenes died during the Second World War for this ’totalitarian symbol’ to make fun of it today,” they wrote in their statement, which was published on 24ur on May 15th, 2020.

In his letter, minister Logar pointed out the mistakes that have been happening in the Slovenian judicial system for decades

In our media, we reported in the past that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, dr. Anze Logar, in a letter to the European Commission pointed out numerous errors in the Slovenian judiciary, from inefficiency to totalitarian symbols by which judges like to appear and thus show their affiliation with the Social Democrats at party picnics. It is common knowledge that in Slovenia many court proceedings, which take an unreasonably long time, end because cases become obsolete, but it is not surprising that minister Logar drew attention to this issue in a letter to European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders. In the letter, he pointed out, among other things, the fact that Slovenia had lost a number of cases at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. According to Logar, the prosecution of bank fraud is ineffective, and the principle of the appearance of impartiality is not respected either. He did not forget to mention that in our country some judges also use totalitarian symbols.

Logar then asks himself: “Is it right that practically no banker responsible for creating a banking hole is in jail? Is it right that no one responsible for delays in justice system accepts responsibility? And is it right that Slovenians trust the judiciary so little?” He establishes that this is not right. In his opinion, it is not right that if you have the opportunity to change something about the above, you are just silently observing it.

Behind the criminal complaint is a radical city councilor, known for his statement “we have killed too few”

ZZB NOB are defenders of the former regime and bloody communist ideology. Despite the fact that their historical role is not as innocent as they like to portray it, the lawsuit against Logar made them extremely happy. “The police and the prosecution have taken a serious approach to resolving the criminal complaint against the suspected minister Logar. He is suspected of insulting the Republic of Slovenia and slander, up to one year in prison,” Janez Stariha, a radical Ljubljana city councilor and the initiator of the filing of a criminal complaint, rejoiced.

We have written many a thing about Janez Stariha in the past. The extreme leftist, despite his ideology, diligently uses the budget of the City of Ljubljana and buys expensive skateboards and scooters for the money of the people of Ljubljana. The president of the ZZB NOB unit in Savlje has surprised us with radical statements in the past. “The problem of the partisans was that they were not consistent and precise enough in the liquidation of traitors – they would not cackle today,” he shared a scandalous post on social media. In a state governed by the rule of law, therefore, people like Stariha would be persecuted for calling for violence and killings.


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