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Hungary strikes back after Biden’s outrageous remarks! Is that why the Eurocrats in Brussels just adore 10% Joe?

That is why the Eurocrats in Brussels just adore Uncle Joe.

Crazy Joe Biden triggered a huge diplomatic row with NATO members Hungary and Poland after appearing to lump them in with Belarus as “totalitarian regimes”, with the Hungarian government demanding answers on his family’s alleged corruption in Ukraine, V4 Report reports.

“We may still remember the kind of Central European policy the Democrats pursued for eight years; we may still recall the continuous lecturing, accusations and attacks,” railed Hungary’s foreign minister, Péter Szijjártó, denouncing Biden’s comments as having “nothing to do with reality”.

The foreign minister went on the note that Biden seemed “particularly busy” when it came to foreign policy under the Obama administration, suggesting that for a time, “and I exaggerate a bit, Biden spent more of his time outside D.C. in Ukraine than in rural America.”

“This was the time when his son happened to be a chief executive at a key Ukrainian energy company; this was also the time when there were deals in the Ukrainian energy sector that were suspected of being corrupt,” the Hungarian continued.

“[I]t would be best if Joe Biden could answer some of those old questions that have been out there for a while, before attacking Central Europe,” he said, adding: “It would be great if Joe Biden could tell us why he put pressure on the Ukrainian government to fire its chief prosecutor, and how all of this related to the investigation into his son’s Ukrainian energy deals grinding to a halt.”


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